Portland, United States

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Short Stories

Chaser He would ride that train, killing time like the rest of us. Down those tracks feeding on scraps. Howling at the moon when the sky was clear… Corn Fed Corn Head It all came down to a piece of cornbread. I know that life is much more complicated than that, but I’ll be damned if I was going to l… Cordelia Cordelia left me. Yes, I know. Men are the bad ones, but her brain fell right in between her walking sticks at some point in her life. Must… Silent Wake The honeysuckle drifts as the night falls. The season is ripe. Sweet honey nectar scent draws them from their homes in the heat, away from … Mid-Life Timothy stopped wearing his polo shirts on the weekends. This disturbed Penelope. He dug a box out of the closet containing his old rock co… Dr. Frank I was not too happy to see Mr. Jacobs in my appointment book, but as a professional psychiatrist I did my best when he came through my door… Six Months to a Year I laughed at them… laughed. Six months to a year? Who cares? / I looked out the window over Manhattan from my skyscraper high office … Mercury Poisoning She was like mercury… tempting to play with when the glass wall is broken, but as dangerous as hell with those shards of glass lying … The Night Gabe found himself across town as if it would matter. It wouldn’t. The bartender kept them coming and that was good enough. He looked… An Ass’s Fable The yearly town parade was always a good reason to show off my ass. I rode him every year. In the Spring Blossom Peony Parade of Peddletown… She Wore it Well If she wore blue velvet, a raspberry beret, if she wore lemon… it didn’t matter. She always looked good, even in a gunny sack. …