zoe trap

zoe trap

Ocean Shores, Australia

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I love to play in many mediums…painting, digital photography, and drawing. My artwork is usually ambiguous or semi-abstract in nature. To me, ambiguity opens a space for the personal interpretation of the viewer and I try to create space in my work for a sense of reflection.
I use mixed media in my work . For the most part I work intuitively, simplifying forms and playing with colour.
I have recently finished a degree in Visual Art.
I also teach visual arts at high-school level.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the work!
Feel free to contact me for fine art commissions and digital design.

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my first iPad painting

just wanted to share a new experience…my first iPad painting! I think my son’s gonna have to watch I dont take over his recent birthday present! Actually, I just think that now I need one…so, this is a first attempt, but I had seen some of David Hockney’s iPad drawings in a magazine and was inspired…his of course are 100 times better, but thats to be expected!
Posted about 4 years – 1 comments