I blog at zoe in wonderland .
My website, for the time being, is Little Blue Ship .
Most of my paintings are accompanied by essays. :)

I am here collaborating with the poet-philosopher Vesna . She has been published this month (September 2011) here . Here are some recent poems by her:


To float
Looking for the strings
Invisible balloons
That will take me there

To float
Closing the eyes
Finding the bridges
That will take me there

To float
Giving myself in
Loosing the inertia
That keeps me here

To float
I’m a balloon
Hold on to my string
Let’s fly away

Flock of Emotions

One is pulling the left leg and
The other the right arm,
They are playing with the mind,
are they causing any harm?

They are stretching the limits
to the point of shock,
Who is the leader
of this flock?

flying all over the place.
Is it Happiness
that leads the human race?

i’m so excited to have my portfolio featured in the group altered by design this month! please come by for a visit!

The Wonderful World of Words
where the work the lovely and fascinating writer vesna and i have done together was featured….

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Cafe: Le Chat Bleu

Hi guys, / Vesna and I are trying an experiment, a new group. I’m not sure how one goes about advertising these things, so I’m trying this… / You can join the group here / The idea is in two parts; one part is a large commitment, the other is mostly fun. / PART ONE: / This group will be “open” only on a rotating basis. Each rotation will be 3 weeks long. To join, you submit 50 p…
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