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I am a fairy new digital artist. Have been on DeviantART for quite some time, but selling prints there almost seems impossible! So here I am fellow REDBubble artists! you can also find me on Shadowness at

and on Artflakes at

you can also hire me on and …i have the same username there!

  • Age: 23
  • Joined: July 2011


Artist's On Twitter

I have a little trouble finding my fellow artists on Twitter…anyways, my Twitter id is IbrarYunus, do post yours too!
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RE-activating my self!

After spending quite some time on Shadowness and gathering quite a lot of followers…..I’m again turning towards RedBubble, so that I can finally make some sales off of my art…………….
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Gonna Use RedBubble More Often

Im hooked to dA these days…cuz of their updates….but gonna give attention to Redbubble also…! Pretty soon…..though the absence of ‘chat’ here still kinda annoys me…
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hmm....The Last REmnant!

so i got this game .and its a JRPG by Square-Enix……well, its got some rly awesome graphics…but the battle system seems a little strange to me….its like the gambit system in FXII on steroids…..u only press a few buttons and then for the next 2 minutes, u see ppl battling……….now WTF is that….
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