I love to draw! I love cartoons, animation and pop-art styles. I love colorful pieces that celebrate life. I’m always experimenting with new designs and techniques - please let me know what you think! Thanks for looking!

Artist & co-creator of Skullduggery animated shorts:

Featured on I Can Has Cheezburger

Former member of Sci Fi Saturday Night (co-host, Guest Coordinator, staff artist)

Artist & co-creator of Twenty-Three Skidoo! graphic novel
Artist & creator of On The Phones comic strip for Fidelity Investments newsletter

Artist & co-creator of The MonsterBet illustrated poetry collection

  • Joined: July 2012


Nauticon 2014

Nauticon is coming! May 2-4 2014 in Provincetown MA, at the very tip of Cape Cod --- Gaming! Partying! Anime! Barfleet! Voltaire in concert!!!! Visit for the details!
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Tail Light Rebellion posters!

Jonny Swagger (Tail Light Rebellion, Swaggerin’ Growlers) used my design “Jonny Swagger” for his latest tour poster! Check it out at / Check out Jon’s “Billy Bragg meets the Pogues jamming with the Dropkick Murphys” style at: / http://tail-light-rebellion.bandcamp…
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Dr Who 50th Anniversary

A few thoughts about the Dr. Who 50th anniversary special. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!! / - Does the ending, with Gallifrey being dropped into a pocket dimension, cause the events of the last episode of the 10th Doctor, or does this now create a new timeline and wipe out that final Tennant episode? / - Does this mean that Rassilon is back to being dead, like in The Five Doctors? / - Humans …
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Empty walls

The house always looks so empty when all the Halloween decorations have been put away. Seriously, it’s taken over a week.
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