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It is a good day today, and not just because it is the 4th of July and the whole of America is celebrating the breaking away of the tryranical rule from us Brit’s, no it is a good day today because I have made a sale!

Some one has been kind enough to purchase a Photographic Print of Amsterdam Canal Oil Painting Effect So thank you to whomever it was that has made my day!

Burning Forest Project

I took some picture in a local wood a few weeks ago and have not really done much with them, so the other day when I had a few spare minutes I decided to play around with them in some filters and stuff. I eventually settled on one finish that I liked and then ran a few fill layers over that one image. Over several days I came up with a range of images that I quite like the look of. They all have different feels to them, but are all the same basic image.

Take a look Here Burning Forest Project and let me know what you think?



I was asked by some close relatives a few weeks ago if I might do a photoshoot of their baby and them. I only have basic equipment for this sort of thing, modelling lights and reflectors etc but said yes I would give it a try. these are the results of that shoot.

CLick here and please let me know what you think?


You know how it is, you take a picture, work on it and think that it has some merit so you post it. Not always thinking that it will be well received or necessarily liked by others?

Well I am overwhelmed at the response to my Speedy Bus image because not only have I received wonderful comments from the community on here about it, but since its posting only two/three months ago i have sold 8 versions of it, the latest being a King Size duvet cover today 1 April 2015.

Thanks to you all and to the people who have liked the work so much that they have spent their own hard earned cash on this image.



I’m working on a colourful still life project at the moment and had this mad idea for a motion image, a slow moving video of an image that changes slowly over time. Its a bit odd I know but thought i’d give it a bash and this is a very early attempt at the experiment.

Anyway here it is for what it is worth. The file is a bit large so give it time to load if you have the patience.

MnMs or Skittles


Approx three weeks ago (from 5/3/2015) I took a couple of days off work and went taking some images. Since then I have sold three copies of my Speedy Bus image. Variously as a Greeting Card an iPhone Case and as a Print today.

Thanks to whomever considered my image good enough to make these purchases.