A sale and a bye bye for now...

“At the edge of the Devil’s Throat”: sold again. Well, again is a bit exaggerated as it’s only the third time, but because this one usually sells a bit bigger it’s now my second best seller. It feels good again to sell something, after 4 months of no sales, so, mystery buyer, I profusely thank you.

Sold in this form:

As for the bye bye part,
in a few days I’ll be disappearing for a week or 2 or 3. I’m going into hospital for surgery. Nothing mayor but it will keep me a way from my computer for a time. I’m hoping to limit that amount of time to a week, but last time it ended up being 3 weeks. So don’t fret if I go silent for a time. (As if you are not used to that with all my travelling ;^) )

Fond regards,

Sold an original!

Now that’s not something I can say everyday, so I’m quite proud of it. All the more because it’s one of my watercolours, and they are often overlooked in favour of my photography.

Anyway, a friend decided she liked one of my paintings enough to shell out some money for it. The work in question is Anonymous nude I and of course I hope it will end up in her home looking something like this:

The only downside is that Anonymous nude II is quite lonely now. So if anybody feels like giving him a home too… ;^)

Thank you for small successes

I would like to thank everybody here on RB for making me feel great.
The last week I passed to milestones that mean a lot to me.

For one, I sold another copy of Forgotten which was my 11th sale, making me cross the magic border of 10. :)
This time it was sold as:

Together with the 8500+ views I count this one as one of my small successes in my art life.

Another one is my Tobermory shipwreck
which might not sell as much, but did cross the 20000 views marker, with which I’m very thrilled.

In general I have now more then 90000 views on all my artworks, so that magic 100000 mark is finally coming into view.

And for all that I say:
Thank you Redbubble!
It was a fine day when I discovered this website.


2 more sales!

Hey everybody,

just wanted to share with you that I just sold a laminated print of At the edge of the Devil’s Throat which looks like this:

Also, a few weeks ago when I was travelling in Taiwan I sold a Matted Print of Sunrise at Miyajima
which looks something like this:

I want to thank both the anonymous buyers for their support of my work and I want them, and all of you, to know that the money will go into the fund to buy that new camera and lens I have my eye on at the start of the new year!


Feeling warm & fuzzy inside

Hi all,

I’m feeling a little warm & fuzzy inside because somebody liked my work so much that he bought a small poster of Forgotten

It is the 9th time that Forgotten is sold. It’s been sold as a card, mounted print, laminated print and poster. But what makes this sale really special is that the buyer joint Redbubble ( under the name Forgott3n ) specially so he/she could leave me a message!

I’m an aspiring photographer and I love old technology. This is going to be a big shiny poster in my dorm room. Thanks Peter!

Isn’t that incredibly nice of him/her?

Forgott3n, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me to continue my work!

Back from Morocco to find 2 sales!

Hi everybody,

just wanted to let you all know that I’m back from a great holiday in Morocco. I’m sure a picture or 2 from that trip (I’m actually thinking calender here) will find it’s way to this wonderful website.

I had 2 pleasant surprises waiting for me in my mailbox. A big one and a small one. :)
Yes, 2 RB sales!

The first one was an extra large canvas of At the edge of the Devil’s Throat

The other one was a postcard of Forgotten

Thank you mystery buyers, thank you very, very much!

CORRECTION: the card was sold to Alex Marks
Thanks Alex!

A big thank you to a big friend

I would like to thank Perugina who has been a big big friend and support for a long time now for me here on the bubble for buying 2 cards of La vie en rose

It means a lot to me that so talented an artist finds my work beautiful enough to buy.

Then again, it was painted with watercolours that she sent me as a gift in celebration of our friendship.

Patricia, thank you, enjoy them, and take very good care of yourself.

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