Google AdWords


Today I received once again a check to try Google AdWords for free and with a €75 balance to start me off.

So, this time I decided to put it to good use! I registered with AdWords and started a campaign to promote my Bubblesite.

Curious if it will result in anything. Quite honestly? I don’t really thinks so, but no harm in trying!


A sale and a bye bye for now...

“At the edge of the Devil’s Throat”: sold again. Well, again is a bit exaggerated as it’s only the third time, but because this one usually sells a bit bigger it’s now my second best seller. It feels good again to sell something, after 4 months of no sales, so, mystery buyer, I profusely thank you.

Sold in this form:

As for the bye bye part,
in a few days I’ll be disappearing for a week or 2 or 3. I’m going into hospital for surgery. Nothing mayor but it will keep me a way from my computer for a time. I’m hoping to limit that amount of time to a week, but last time it ended up being 3 weeks. So don’t fret if I go silent for a time. (As if you are not used to that with all my travelling ;^) )

Fond regards,


Just a quick thank you to all of you who have supported me and my work throughout my years here on Redbubble. The occasion for this thank you? Well, last night, while I was painting something new, my work has crossed the magical border of 100.000 views. It makes me proud, both of my work and of being a part of this community. So again I say:
thank you!

Australia here we come

Hi everybody,

as mentioned earlier this year, we are coming to Australia later this year. :)
The trip will go from Melbourne to Brisbane via Canberra and Sydney.

We would appreciate some input from you Ozzies out there and of course, who knows, meet up for a pint or dinner.

As I don’t want to spread out my travel plans and dates (I’m a tat bit paranoia) all over a publicly available journal, I started a completely private forum.

Those of you who would like to meet up or help with our planning can join us at this private forum. Just b-mail me an email address and I’ll sent you an invite to “Let’s go 2 Oz”!

Cheers and hope to hear from lots of you. :)

Sold an original!

Now that’s not something I can say everyday, so I’m quite proud of it. All the more because it’s one of my watercolours, and they are often overlooked in favour of my photography.

Anyway, a friend decided she liked one of my paintings enough to shell out some money for it. The work in question is Anonymous nude I and of course I hope it will end up in her home looking something like this:

The only downside is that Anonymous nude II is quite lonely now. So if anybody feels like giving him a home too… ;^)

Back from Ecuador & the Galapagos

Hi Everybody,…

I just came back from a fantastic 3 week trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos, plus, not to forget, my first Redbubble blind date! It was fanastic. I suffered from altitude sickness, sun stroke, sea sickness and the usual few weeks of travellers you know what. I hardly noticed it, I had that much fun. :)

Ecuador, the small part that we saw from it, was downright enchanting. We stayed a relaxing few days in the jungle, trying to spot the local wildlife and insects. Hiked a couple of days in the Andes, above 3000m of altitude and up to 3800m to a gorgeous crater lake. And chilled in the hot baths of Baños, now threatened by the volcano that erupted a few days ago, followed by a bike ride along the route of the waterfalls.

The last day of our Ecuador trip, after the Galapagos, was

Thank you for small successes

I would like to thank everybody here on RB for making me feel great.
The last week I passed to milestones that mean a lot to me.

For one, I sold another copy of Forgotten which was my 11th sale, making me cross the magic border of 10. :)
This time it was sold as:

Together with the 8500+ views I count this one as one of my small successes in my art life.

Another one is my Tobermory shipwreck
which might not sell as much, but did cross the 20000 views marker, with which I’m very thrilled.

In general I have now more then 90000 views on all my artworks, so that magic 100000 mark is finally coming into view.

And for all that I say:
Thank you Redbubble!
It was a fine day when I discovered this website.


Festimage, a free and serious photo competition

I just entered my entry for this year into Festimage. It’s becoming a habit. Not that I’ve even once came close to winning anything, not even with my most popular images here on RB, but hey, I keep trying.…

What is Festimage? I quote:
_Festimage is an event promoted by the City Council of Chaves, a city located in the north of Portugal.
By organizing Festimage, the Municipality of Chaves basically wishes to achieve two objectives: to divulge the art of photography and digital art among city residents and visitors and, in taking advantage of the communication facilities provided by the Internet, to include authors from the most diverse origins in this divulging initiative.
The entries that are accepted in Festimage shall be divulged in various ways. For starters, the Internet, where they will

I just got back

Hi everybody,…

I just got back from a short getaway to Florida, hence my prolonged silence. We loved it there and are sure to go back one day. However, at the moment I’m jet-lagged out of my brain. :)

Anyway, it was the first time I left my Pentax K10D at home and took only my two new Panasonic Lumix cameras, the LX3 and the FZ38. Hmmm, why is everybody shocked into silence all of a sudden? :)

I was just tired of lugging around the heavy weight of a DSLR with some lenses on my holidays. Hence the switch back to compact. The two camera’s served me (us actually as my wife took a lot of pictures too this trip) well. I’ll still have to wait and see though, if there is any RB material amongst my shots. I think so though, so you’ll see some Florida pics pop-up in my account soon. (I already join

Ozzies be careful!

For I’m coming!


Just booked ourselves I nice little 25 day trip to Ozzie!
We’ll be flying into Melbourne and travel North-East all the way to Brisbane.
I can’t tell you how excited I am!

Once again, thank you to everybody who gave my suggestions in my previous journal entry. We are still open for hints and tips of things to do in that part of Ozzie.

Cheers and if I haven’t told you yet: Happy New Year!


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