It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.


Some Aussie help needed here.

Hi everyone, and Aussies specially,

I need a hand here. Australia has been steadily climbing our list of “places to go & see” and is pretty close to the top now. :)
We have 2 major holidays tentatively planned next year. One will almost certainly be Ecuador. For the other I’m looking at Australia at the moment. As Ecuador will occupy or slot at the beginning of the year, I’m looking for a place to go in, say, October / November.

I’m looking in travel & climat guides as we speak (well….), but, I’d like some first hand information on where to go when in Australia. Not just the October / November time frame, but in general. Good to know is that we hate rain and love blue skies. :) ( we had plenty of rain and not enough blue skies in Taiwan!) W…

2 more sales!

Hey everybody,

just wanted to share with you that I just sold a laminated print of At the edge of the Devil’s Throat which looks like this:

Also, a few weeks ago when I was travelling in Taiwan I sold a Matted Print of Sunrise at Miyajima
which looks something like this:

I want to thank both the anonymous buyers for their support of my work and I want them, and all of you, to know that the money will go into the fund to buy that new camera and lens I have my eye on at the start of the new year!


Mambo, euh, watercolor number 5

For those of you who think I quit painting: I didn’t, I just quit scanning them.
I just finished the fifth watercolor that I haven’t uploaded here yet. Time to whip out the old scanner from under the dust. But I don’t have time…. To busy creating! :)

Today I finished “Vanity”, my first in a series on my interpretation of the 7 sins. You’ll have to wait for the scans before you can see it, but I can assure you, my interpretation is a weird one. :) So I hope to score a few points amongst the surrealists with these ones.

Well, of to bed now, Cheers!

Sending you traffic through Tweets

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know I’ve gotten into the habit of “tweeting” about my favourite works here on Redbubble. For those of you not familiar with the term:

A tweet is a message on twitter , twitter messages can only be 140 characters long. For that reason, it’s called micro-blogging. At twitter you are followed by and you follow other people, who’me you chose yourself.

Twitter is a great way to promote your own art, but I also use it to promote other peoples art. Part of that is pure selfishness though, I just want to make my Twitter stream as interesting as possible. :)

I’m still rather small on twitter, so if I tweet about a work, it will generate about 10-20 views. However, every now and again, other people pick up my tweets, which i…

Feeling warm & fuzzy inside

Hi all,

I’m feeling a little warm & fuzzy inside because somebody liked my work so much that he bought a small poster of Forgotten

It is the 9th time that Forgotten is sold. It’s been sold as a card, mounted print, laminated print and poster. But what makes this sale really special is that the buyer joint Redbubble ( under the name Forgott3n ) specially so he/she could leave me a message!

I’m an aspiring photographer and I love old technology. This is going to be a big shiny poster in my dorm room. Thanks Peter!

Isn’t that incredibly nice of him/her?

Forgott3n, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me to continue my work!

Free photo editing software

I don’t know if anybody here reads the Photography Blog ?
If you don’t, give it a try, it’s a really interesting blog if you are interested into the latest news about gear and stuff.

What I really wanted to write about though, is that at the moment they are offering a full version of Serif Photoplus 9 to their readers, so, if anybody (in the UK or USA) of you is looking for a cheap photo editing solution, here is the link

I can’t try it myself, as it’s only for UK and USA residents, and you have to register by phone if I’m reading correct.

Back from Morocco to find 2 sales!

Hi everybody,

just wanted to let you all know that I’m back from a great holiday in Morocco. I’m sure a picture or 2 from that trip (I’m actually thinking calender here) will find it’s way to this wonderful website.

I had 2 pleasant surprises waiting for me in my mailbox. A big one and a small one. :)
Yes, 2 RB sales!

The first one was an extra large canvas of At the edge of the Devil’s Throat

The other one was a postcard of Forgotten

Thank you mystery buyers, thank you very, very much!

CORRECTION: the card was sold to Alex Marks
Thanks Alex!

Want to know where your images are on the web?

Then why don’t you use Pipl ?

At least, that is, if they credited you for your work you may find it this way.
For the less honest people, who don’t credit you, can try the reverse image search engine Tineye , the only problem there is that their database is still to small to have much success.

As for my results with Pipl, here are a few:
imgfave , mumble , kenny , Adras da Cortina , virtual jottings , proso-something ,

Fingers crossed!

I just entered Forgotten into the annual Festimage photography contest. (If you want to participate yourself, hurry, entries close on May 14th!).

So, I would really appreciate it if you would all cross your fingers with and for me. :)

For those of you interested, Forgotten is now also downloadable as a wallpaper here

New feature

I haven’t been very active here of late, but don’t panick, I’m going no where. :)
I’ve just been busy busy busy.

I wanted to share you with you today the fact that The Gardner’s shed , my least popular painted with light nostalgic still life today, was honoured with a feature by the Object Studies & Concepts group. Thank you very much for that!

And while I’m at it, the same photo has been, like all my previous nostalgic still life photos, featured by Nostalgic Art and Photography
A big thank you there too.

A big thank you to a big friend

I would like to thank Perugina who has been a big big friend and support for a long time now for me here on the bubble for buying 2 cards of La vie en rose

It means a lot to me that so talented an artist finds my work beautiful enough to buy.

Then again, it was painted with watercolours that she sent me as a gift in celebration of our friendship.

Patricia, thank you, enjoy them, and take very good care of yourself.

Featured, popular and featured a lot!

It’s not every day a man wakes up, and even before his first cup of coffee, he discovers that he has been featured on the featured page of RB!

Then, still dazed and only daring to hope he opens the popular page and yes! For the first time he finds one of his works on the popular page.

Bouncing up and down from happiness now he decided to go through his bmail before starting to reply to all those kind comments, only to discover that his work has taken over the better part of the featured works in the Nostalgic Art and Photography group with no less then six features!

I’m blown away, and, I still haven’t had that coffee yet!

The work that was the key to all this is Forgotten
Currently at 27 favoritings, 346 views, and counting.

Thank you to everybody who has made this p…

Found a group that fits me like a glove

I was invited a few days ago to join a group called Nostalgic Art and Photography
Considering the fact that I see nostalgic still life photography as one of the 3 major pillars of my art, you can probably guess that I feel at home down there. :)

Today I would like to thank them for featuring my latest work:

Thank you guys, much appreciated, and best of luck with your splendid group.

Japan Calendar sale

I would like to say a big big thank you to wendyross for buying my “Japan I” calendar and making my year start with a very big smile across my face. ;)

This means I sold 5 calendars so far and only had a hand in 1 myself. Not bad if I say so myself, but lets not wring my arm out of the socket by patting myself on the back. :)

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