A commission, can't believe it!

Hi everybody,

I really wanted to share this with you all. Via my tarot website which features only one painting and some text, I scored a commission!

After years the website does what it was setup to do, get me a commission like this where someone asked me to melt two tarot cards into one with the emphasize on certain symbolism so that it become his own personal tarot card.

But wait, it becomes even better. He doesn’t want to painting itself. What he has me create will be tattooed on his arm. I still can’t believe it. There is a man out there, a total stranger, who likes my paintings so much that he is going to have one tattooed on his body. Wow. Thinking about it makes my head spin again, my ego is somewhere amongst the stars at the moment. ;)

I asked far to little money for this but what’s money eh? The honor this man does me, is far more important. And what a challenge! Trying to translate another persons idea ’s about himself into a painting.


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