Finally finished a painting

March last year I started a painting. I actually think the concept is from 2006. Yesterday I finished it, finally! I can’t believe it took me almost 2 years to finish it! This proves it, I’m not painting enough. How can I call myself an “artist” or “painter” if I only paint once every year or so.

But that’s where redbubble comes around the corner again. Except for taking up to much of my time, leaving me with even less time to paint. ;) This place is really stimulating and inspiring. For the first time I’m getting responses towards my work. I have a fan or two (not counting my wive) but now I’m getting responses and comments from other people, from strangers and that feels good, real good.

I know, my paintings aren’t the most popular in my portfolio, my photography gets far more attention, but still, it’s a big boost that the 2 I’ve upload this far have been commented upon and have been added to favorites.

Now, I need to recalibrate my monitor. My old graphics card has broken down and I’m trying to decide, new card, new pc. So I’m running on a temporary card. This is necessary so that I can process an older piece which has already been scanned (and sold) and so that I can scan the painting I finished yesterday plus a small painting I did a few weeks back.

I’m also thinking of taking my older work out of their frames so that they can be scanned properly. Don’t hold your breath though, that will not be anytime soon. ;)


  • hilarydougill
    hilarydougillover 6 years ago

    Congratulations on the birth of your painting.!!! It is a wonderful feeling to actually finish something. I am sure I speak for all on RB when we say your work is wonderful, keep it up. Look forward to seeing the new ‘baby’

  • Thank you Hilary. I’m anxious to share it with you all, but first as said, I have to deal with some hardware “issues”. ;)

    – Peter Zentjens

  • Kym  Breeze
    Kym Breezeover 6 years ago

    wow I really enjoyed reading this and am so happy that 1. your wife is supportive of your art and 2. you are painting again….well done….enjoy and embrace…..cheers.

  • Thank you Kym, I appreciate your encouragement

    – Peter Zentjens

  • Kym  Breeze
    Kym Breezeover 6 years ago

    You’re welcome….cheers