Painted with light technique, the tutorial continued...

Alright, I don’t think I need to tell you what a difference proper lighting can make to a photo. But when I was working on my latest photo, Radio Electricity , I was looking at he composition photo and thought: I got to put this on RB as an extension to my painted with light article .

I’ve you read my tutorial on my painted with light technique then you already know that I start with finding the right angle to set up the tripod and then I make the composition. All of this I do with available light. In case of Radio Electricity that were overhead fluorescent tubes. Just about the ugliest light you can get in my opinion. During this process I take several test shots to see how it comes out in 2D.
Here is the final test shot of the composition that was used for the actual photograph (minus a slight bump into the tripod, sigh).

Rather drab, wouldn’t you say? Ugly, may even come to mind?

Now here is the same shot, after I had a go at it with my flashlight and photoshop to melt a few of the images together to get a photo with the light spots right where I wanted them. Not to mention the fact that the radio lights are on, which is kinda hard when it’s unplugged. ;)

Something quite different I would say, apart from whether you like it or not.

I know, this was a rather silly post, perhaps, but I found the difference quite striking. My wife even didn’t believe me at first when I told her it where the exact same images except for the light. I specially hope that those of you who read the painted with light tutorial and wanted to have there own go at the technique found this helpful.



  • Jacqueline Baker
    Jacqueline Bakeralmost 7 years ago

    Thanks Peter for all your help in this……i’ve had a little go and i love it, it can really give an image a beautiful finish! I did Midnight Wish with this technique in B&W and i’m really pleased with the results….now just need to perfect the color technique lol it does take practice as you said! Thanks again!

  • Your welcome Jacqueline,
    happy shooting.

    – Peter Zentjens

  • janpiller
    janpilleralmost 7 years ago

    Nice job Peter!! Brilliant work!

  • Thanks Jan, nice to hear from you again

    – Peter Zentjens

  • Peter Hill
    Peter Hillalmost 7 years ago

    This is brilliant Peter – just what I’ve needed – thank you for your efforts and generosity

  • Well, we are here to help each other, that’s why it’s called a community. ;)
    In other words: my pleasure.

    – Peter Zentjens

  • Cathryn Swanson
    Cathryn Swansonalmost 7 years ago

    Thank you Peter, I appreciate this very much and look forward to giving it a go.

  • Your welcome Chanel2, tell me when you get some results. Enjoy

    – Peter Zentjens

  • Cathryn Swanson
    Cathryn Swansonalmost 7 years ago

    I will :) Thank you again.

  • Tom Vaughan
    Tom Vaughanalmost 7 years ago

    This is really helpful.. thanks!

  • Happy to be of help Tom. If you have questions, feel free to ask them. That goes for all of you of course. I’ll be happy to elaborate further on the technique.

    – Peter Zentjens

  • smokipoki
    smokipokialmost 7 years ago

    Both your posts are great. I will have to try this out some time…It’s an amzaing technique this painting with light! Again thanks for sharing.

  • Amazing, flexible and fun,
    so enjoy your experiments. Cheers

    – Peter Zentjens

  • Tee Brain Creative
    Tee Brain Crea...almost 7 years ago

    That’s a brilliant post, not silly at all! Thank you for sharing, you’ve opened my eyes to a new technique. Well done!!!

  • Thanks for the compliment Helen, and your most welcome. Now, give it a try. :)

    – Peter Zentjens

  • WiredMarys
    WiredMarysover 5 years ago

    This is wonderful. The 1st photo is actually VERY 50’s but not really a good nostalgic feel. You second is fabulous. Thanks for the added post to your tutorial.

  • Thanks, in my honest opinion, the first image is dead. It has no soul. If I would have chosen to go for a 50’s look, I should have put some soul into it. But as it is, just a test shot, so no attention at all to my light. It’s the other I was after. :)
    Thank you for all your comments and support!

    – Peter Zentjens

  • Darren Kearney
    Darren Kearneyover 5 years ago

    Thanks. I’d tried painting with light outdoors at night but this take on still life has opened another door for me .

  • I’m happy I made you see the light, héhé. ;^)
    Give it a shot, it’s fun + you can control the weather indoors. Better then outdoor photography hence. ;^)

    – Peter Zentjens