Ascot Vale, Australia

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I’m not a visual artist, but I do love writing. Have had some small bits of writing published in the past, but nothing currently. I’m the mother of 4 kids aged 30, 27, 21 and 12. And grandmother to a toddler and a baby. I’m creative, intuitive, quirky and love a good laugh. I’m bipolar but am successfully managing this with counselling and medication, and by simplifying my life. I enjoy reading, writing, walking, puzzles, movies, facebook, my family. I loathe cooking and often have fantasies that my meals would get delivered to my door free of charge. I daydream a lot but am on the other hand good at figuring out problems when I need to. I’m of Dutch descent, the oldest of 8 children. My 44 year old brother took his life in December 2009. Still coming to terms with this.

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Bipolar is a much friendlier sounding word than manic depressive. The word manic depressive used to conjure up images for me of a type of dr jekyll and mr hyde type of person. Shivery. The word bipolar makes me think on the one hand of cuddly polar bears and on the other hand it just sounds like a clinical term, which is fine by me thanks.
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