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Hello folks! Long time no speak!

Well its been a long time since I last put a post up here on redbubble, and my submissions have dried up somewhat aswell.

Long story short, its been a busy few months for me, starting a new job, off training with it and then moving house to what is quite possibly the most remote part of the UK, but still very beautiful.

On that last note, where I am now, at the north of Scotland is fantastic. The scenery here is simply breath taking if you know where to look, and knowing where to look is what im doing right now! Also while I am doing this I am getting to know my new camera which only just arrived. Its an upgrade from my D3100 to a D7000 Nikon. Along with it I got a 18-200mm lens and 10-24mm wide angle lens which I wanted specifically for landscapes up around here.

So, hello everyone and nice to see you all again and watch out for more posts and images in the near future! Time is limited with me these days due to work (and gettinga dog) so I will try and reply to comments time permitting!

Thanks guys and all the best!!

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