Chaos, self discovery and successes— naturally writing my musings down seems de rigueur. I thought I might as well share these thoughts.
Thoughts comments etc are always appreciated.
Read at your own peril.

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The Red Writing Room

Hello my beautiful friends / I just wanted to let you all know that I am dipping a toe into the wonderful world of hosting with some exceptional women. / Bellmusker / Holly Ringland / Rhana Griffin / and the beautiful Gretchen / It’s a group dedicated to the written word. / And I would love it so if you were to join / It’s called… / The Red Writing Room / So very excited. Can&#…
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How was my day? Please allow me to tell you...

I had the most miserable day today which culminated in the universe’s pièces de résistance-I burnt my dinner in the microwave. Oh yes. The microwave . / I should have stayed in bed really. And I ought to have known somehow. I should have felt the warning signs in my belly or my knees or wherever else a woman with common sense, no intuition ought to have felt it, but I didn’t. And so t…
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After months of being pulled every way possible I feel I am just a jigsaw puzzle. In pieces. Completely unsure of the big picture and at complete loss of how to put everything back together. It makes me wonder if whether when I was whole, was I just wholly empty? Just reflecting the moments like a mirror, nothing more, nothing less. Just a fleeting image. / I’m to content myself with being…
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Full moon

I have admired the enchanted moonlit evenings these last two days. Today I felt the madness. / So, / Enjoy the full moon. / Enjoy the madness—it too has its place in life. This moment too, I will treasure.
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Golden lies.

The full moon spurs / the madness / of trying to find ways out / when your hands are tied / and your lips are broken. / You claw at the ed…

You think you know me

what you imagine / me / to be / is only a shell / a dream, / fleeting. / your hold’s / too tight / and i / grow / ever closer / to…


You slide off the stool and stride to the door without looking back to see if he is following you. And when you feel his hands on your hips…


why fiddle / with mere / pins / have you / forgotten / your dagger / still lies / embedded / in my / heart

If only

if only I could, / find my way out / of this broken teacup / housing my heart. / i would / drink you up / and you would be my / ambrosia.
I am. by Priya ...

No frills

Loving / with derision. / Fists carelessly applied. / His combat cloaking cowardice, / impotence. / Worthless- / disdaining words. / She ga…

my love song

Keep it simple. / a smile? / Make it meaningful. / a thought? / Sing it in your heart / my love.


I relapse into a past that never really existed / my thoughts so full of you. / An addict choosing to withdraw- / from the world this t…

Where the Fisherboy lives

My grandparents’ house used to sit on a corner plot. / It sat there in the corner- a piece of paradise separated from the chaos and …

Existence is purpose

Sudden freedom. / You shy away, fearful of the open. / The boundless binds us as often as cages do. / I will be / strong. / Fear of choic…

The colour of dreams.

The recipe for happiness used to be a simple one. / Juice of a mango running down to the elbow mixed with just a dash of the tongue. / Buc…
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