I wrote this so I could join a punk group.

In the 3rd grade, I tried to organize a “punk rock day” at school – it was 1980. I showed up at school wearing a studded collar and spiked bracelet, jeans and sneakers with a t-shirt, and my hair was greased and spiked. The two other kids that had the balls to show their punk fashion and attitude ended up in the principal’s office with me. I had to wash out my hair and take off the collar and bracelet. I’ve been anti-establishment ever since.


  • iofthebeholder
    iofthebeholderalmost 7 years ago

    fuck yeah!

    that’s all i have to say

  • stephaniek
    stephaniekalmost 7 years ago

    How funny! I guess you were a distraction? lol.

  • Lisadee Lisa Defazio
    Lisadee Lisa D...almost 7 years ago

    Rock on!