What you see is a timeline…
█║▌│starting█│in║▌║││█║▌│║║█║ 1999. █▌│█│║▌█

This is a collection of my favourite images from over the years. I’ve started with the first roll of film, shot when i was only 14 or so. Enjoy.

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this year...

Learn to accentuate the aesthetic of action, embrace the beauty of bravado, and the adore glamour of glory. / c’est tout. :)
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about my life outside of the photos that you see here? / go to my blog.
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lost words...

For some reason I often feel as if well placed words and thoughts are wasted or lost on those around me. The spoken and written word is a very complex thing no matter the language. And yes, things can be interpreted incorrectly. But I feel that people use interpretation as an excuse to bend things. To give them a reason to accept something or an even better reason to disregard it. Context is a ve…
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Mix, Remix, Rewind. Play.

I’d like to take you on a trip. A trip back to where it all began. from what it was… To what it is. / How far back are we going? / 7 years. / You ready? Sit back. Relax. enjoy the scene… Frame by frame.
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