Been more than a year, and still feel welcomed :-)

It’s been at least a year since I’ve uploaded anything on the bubble. However that didn’t prevent Mel Brackstone or Paul Vanzella from making me feel welcome back with their quick and generous comments.

It’s these kind of people that makes any kind of community a sweet place to be.

Where have I been? Well, I’ve still been taking photos. And have quite a few to show and share. Just haven’t had a computer of my own to upload them.

Moved to a little place called Dirranbandi (South-West QLD) at the beginning of the year to teach, and have been rather involved in a whole heap of other new and exciting ventures. Sidenote: the computers/network I have been using block redbubble as a website. (It’s a commercial thingamajigga; can’t make money by usi…

RB Recent Art - Feature Post

I’ve decided that every week or so I’m going to go through the 200 pages of recent art and post links to images that are awesome, but have no comments.

RB is so big now. It’s not hard to fall through the cracks.

Just two to start off with:

As Farpas e a Mão by marcarambr

eye by shimda

Both of these artist have fantastic work in the rest of their portfolio. Check ’em out!


End of Financial Year Sale!!

I feel like cleaning out my portfolio.

So from now until June 30, all my art will only have a 10% markup. That means art will sell from $3.30!! That’s cheap as chips!!! (So to speak.)

You could buy THREE CARDS for less than $10!!

Now, I know you’ve been looking, hoping and waiting for my end of financial year sale (like David Jones & Myer). Well nows your chance.

Here’s another benefit. Next time you have a friends birthday or wedding, there’ll be no need to rush for a present or a card. It’ll already be done.

So, you have until June 30 to get your goodies for cheap.

Here are some you might be keen to purchase.

On exposure... which eye do you like?

Hello friends,
I’m currently on a question to have some of my work accepted to (a site where all photos go through a screening process where they are either rejected [most probably] or accepted [not yet for me] for publishing).

Now, Mel Brackstone has told me that one of my photos (My Eye) might have what it takes to be accepted for publishing (and she should know with her display of published work).

So, what I’ve decided to do is ask you my redbubble friends which of these eye photos (including the already uploaded one) you like the most and why. I would love to hear your feedback.




Updates and Confessions

Ok. I’ll put it out there straight away. I snuck many looks at RB during last week (although they were very quick).

Nevertheless, I’ve found it is possible to lead a balanced RB life. Over time I’m sure I’ll learn to achieve the perfect level of temperance.

One benefit of limiting my time is that time spent becomes more important, thoughtful and productive.

Update: I sold my 4th ever card hooray. Thankyou to the lovely person who bought it. As I said to you, you made my day!


Ok, this isn’t that anonymous, but I’ve decided to disclose to all you my fellow RB addicts, that I am also addicted (as noted in a previous entry), and I intend to treat this addiction by limiting my commenting/favouriting/interacting/journalling etc. to 1-2 hours / week. I’m likely to upload more than once a week, but the time consuming stuff will have to be limited.

I know that some people can manage their hobbies even if they are “addicted”. Unfortunately, my addiction is possibly bordering on unhealthy. But please, it’s my own issue, a personality things. Red bubble is a sensational site, but I find I tend to get more out of things when I approach them with moderation and temperance. God bless all you people who have achieved this balance. I hope t…

Please Enjoy! Drip photos for you.

Well… I really wanted to show you my red bubble friends some of my drip photos I took last night and tonight. Here are some of my favourites. (If you’d like to purchase a card or print of one, please bubblemail me and I’ll upload the appropriate image.)


Portolio Crispy and Clean

I decided to take the 10% Challenge and ended cleaning my RB portfolio up so hopefully it catches every wandering eye.

Instead of deleting images, I made them private. This way, it was less heart-breaking, and if for some reason I need them again (someone requests one, or I decide to buy one), then they’re right at my fingertips. So, without too much anxiety, I was able to clean my portfolio quite extensively.

Now that my portfolio is freshened up, I’m certain only days will pass before I’m featured on the community page and rolling in the big money.

Please enjoy my new crispy and clean portfolio.

Working with what you have - a bit of a rant

Something I’ve come to realise from my photography is that although a good tool (camera) can help the workman (photographer), the most important thing is that you get the most out of the camera you have.

I haven’t previously stated what sort of camera I use for my digital photos. This is partly because I think that people may judge my images differently if they new what I used. But I’ve decided to speak a bit more about what I use and how I use it.

Nearly all my digital images are shot on a point-and-shoot 6-megapixel Canon A540.

There are many advantages of shooting with a cheap, compact digital. For a start they’re cheap! Mine cost $300 with a 1GB SD card and case. The newer version of mine with an image stabiliser can be bought for pretty much the same price.

MY 1st Sale!! HOORAH!

Please forgive my self indulgence, but I was so ecstatic I had to tell you all.

It’s been more than 3 months but it came eventually.

Thankyou to the lovely person who bought #Cube 1#.

(I’ll keep your name private in case you’d rather it that way, but feel free to claim it.)

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait