Been more than a year, and still feel welcomed :-)

It’s been at least a year since I’ve uploaded anything on the bubble. However that didn’t prevent Mel Brackstone or Paul Vanzella from making me feel welcome back with their quick and generous comments.

It’s these kind of people that makes any kind of community a sweet place to be.

Where have I been? Well, I’ve still been taking photos. And have quite a few to show and share. Just haven’t had a computer of my own to upload them.

Moved to a little place called Dirranbandi (South-West QLD) at the beginning of the year to teach, and have been rather involved in a whole heap of other new and exciting ventures. Sidenote: the computers/network I have been using block redbubble as a website. (It’s a commercial thingamajigga; can’t make money by using employer’s property :-( … :-)

Nevertheless, should be aquiring myself a computer of some description during the summer holidays, so will be able to be back and a bit more involved in this creative community.


Happy holidays!

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