famous quotes . . . not really. just keeping it real . . . strange.

you can’t eat a chicken with a name. once you name that chicken it’s a pet.

Well, you just stole your pet chicken’s egg and now you are about to eat BooBoo. Don’t name the eggs either.

my sediments exactly.

it’s a doggy dog world. oh. It’s dog EAT dog? I like mine better.

That big wild pile of sticks went from an art project to a fieldmouse condo. THINGS CHANGE FAST. expect it. and don’t be yelling at the mice! They’re just being mice.

I don’t wanna weed anymore. I graciously accept them wholeheartedly as zillions of friends. Can’t we all just get along?

hey that piece of lint looks like a squirrel.

Man, that little pig of a squirrel just stole all my Pignut nuts. true story.

I wasn’t doing nothing . . . i was writing a poem. They kinda look the same. but they’re not.

Let’s let somebody else solve that problem. sit down and have a popsicle with me.

I need more coffee before I can even attempt to tthink about doing math. bigger cup too.

I want a 10 gallon hat with a tank of chocolate. and a long flexible straw. hum de dum. no I’ll wait. for a little while. how long will it take? okay then. gimme a chocolate bar while I’m waiting.

yeah I know these socks don’t match and no WiseGuy – I don’t have another pair at home. I lost them. or left them outside. or used them as potholders. I don’t really care that much. socks are cheap.

who invented underwear? what was their deal anyway?

dang- where’s all my good underpants? all I can find are the ones I don’t wanna have a car accident in! oh I got a real-life underpants story but I can’t tell it here.

i don’t really know what I’m doing . . . but I’m doing it anyway.

it’s a good thing I’m not limited by reality. man that would be a real bite.

Don’t just experiemnt, let’s experiment on the experiment!! We are all science projects. and Dr Frankensteins. and Igors. and AbbyNormals. :)

Let’s make up some fake swear words. How’s yur pretend German? Nookiensshiddle!

i don’t wanna fight anymore. if you want to communicate with me, just make gentle clucking sounds and twirling motions. and maybe a few bird calls. as you’re leaving . . .

I made up a little tune that will henceforth signal when I am no longer available. Mind the tune. When the tune starts your time is up. Here’s how the tune goes . . .

I tried to leave you a piece of pie but you took too long and it needed to be eaten while it was still fresh. :)) Stop torturing me with uneaten pie!!

if you need me ~ I’ll be up in this tree. But if I am humming my tune ~stay away.

I’m working up the energy to go take a nap. right now. I’m about to move.

oh Hello. I’m eating popcorn for dinner. would you care to join me?

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famous quotes . . . not really. just keeping it real . . . strange. by 

thanks for dropping by. have a nut.

enjoy making direct work from natural materials in my prairie and wildlife sanctuary.
i am a very restless person and I work in many different ways with a variety of media.

One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.
Anne Marrow Lindbergh

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  • Phil
    Philabout 2 years ago

    Yup :)

  • cheese, kettle or popcorn ball? :)

    – evon ski

  • kenroome
    kenroomeabout 2 years ago

    Some folks say its the rich people who run the world but really its the field mice and the squirrels and the dogs came along because they were promised pie. I once had a roommate who put all the leftover baseball game peanuts on the fence post then got mad because the squirrel stuffed all of them in his mouth at once. Vic, it’s called squirreling away for a reason.
    But the truth is I’m not sure what’s worse, having ants in your pants or a mouse in your house – neither way can you leave the pie out.
    Thank heaven for laughter. Good one. :)

  • oh Ken I larffed my way through your delightful comment!! Yes- eat the pie with me and we can enjoy it together. afterwards fork dueling for peanuts. :) Thanks for stopping in.

    – evon ski

  • that squirrel violated Vic’s rules about “How to properly eat the nuts” thereby queering the deal. ha haaa.
    that’s hilarious!

    – evon ski

  • 8upchef
    8upchefabout 2 years ago

    “Can’t eat nuts!” I remark
    “Allergies?” you ask…
    “No,” I respond “I prefer not to be a cannibal”

    Great stuff here!

  • he hee. Thanks for adding to the fun. Love to you!

    – evon ski

  • Maraia
    Maraiaabout 2 years ago

    My, Yvonka, I think with this one you’ve completed your quota for quotation ;)) so much to quack about here!

  • ha haa!! Love your comment. yur quacking me up. :)) Thank you!! x

    – evon ski

  • Robin Monroe
    Robin Monroeabout 2 years ago

    lol….a great read for the start of my day:)

  • glad to hear, laughing is a great way to start the day for sure. Thanks so much Robin!!

    – evon ski

  • Donna19
    Donna19about 2 years ago

    LOL this is great!!! Loving the funny girl right now! xx

  • i could totally see you in a ten gallon hat with a hidden tank of chocolate and big straw. ha ha. Thanks for laughing with me Donna. xx

    – evon ski

  • Cynthia Lund Torroll
    Cynthia Lund T...about 2 years ago

    Here’s to all the Abby Normals!

    what fun – yes, you nut! thankfully so! x

  • ha haaa. nice to just be . . . however that is. Thank you. xx

    – evon ski

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