#2. invaded . . .

Madame . .
are you spraying for weevils?
incoming perfume fog
minding my own business
regular or extra strength?
let me just read the fine microscoptic print.
here she comes
down the aisle
and my nostrils start burning.
your scent announced you from 20 paces.
like a clanking jarring slap in the head
I guess it’s like a force field.
cuz I dropped the deodorant
and fled to aisle 14.
woo wee.
seriously . .
shouldn’t it be more like
close to your neck
mingled in warmth
your natural scent
mixes with a little . . .
dab of loveliness
and creates an inviting
sensation . . .
that beckons you
makes you want to lean in closer. . . .

Not head for the hills??

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yeah i’m a crab. pet peeve.
racking up the 30 day poem challenge.
lost count already.
not a good sign.
oh I dont care.

enjoy making direct work from natural materials in my prairie and wildlife sanctuary.
i am a very restless person and I work in many different ways with a variety of media.

One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.
Anne Marrow Lindbergh

My images and written works do NOT belong to the public domain. All images and written works in this gallery are owned by me and © copyrighted, All Rights Reserved.

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  • Donna19
    Donna19over 2 years ago

    Too funny, yes “ode de insect” is a really bad fragrance for sure! lol

  • i hate gettin skunked. in a bad way as opposed to the good way. LOL.
    Thanks Donna for stopping by fer a whiff. :))

    – evon ski

  • kenroome
    kenroomeover 2 years ago

    invaded is right. I think you have the right idea…in close, then the sudden slight hint of …then melt.
    Good one.

  • yes much preffered. Thanks Ken!!

    – evon ski

  • Rnz0
    Rnz0over 2 years ago

    mingled in warmth, yep. but we’ve grown so afraid (groan, so afraid), of our blood; what used to be life force is now disease vector (spill a drop, call the hazmat team). and our b.o. is tabu (pun?). yeah, but in my own case, each armpit is akin to a cat box; old spice don’t cut it. so, a bundle of herbs masks, and I remind of a lea frolicked by goats. ;)

  • thanks for the armpit visual Lawrence! ha haa. sometimes I wear Old Spice!!
    wait . . . goats have been frolicking where?? always a pleasure L. :))

    – evon ski

  • mordechai
    mordechaiover 2 years ago

    “What a lovely scent. Must you marinate in it?” — Unknown

  • sheesh. yeah. Thank you for the happy honor!! xx

    – evon ski

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindover 2 years ago

    LOL thanks for my morning chuckle. good grief you are hilarious, but how true is this! love it! and hate it…when that happens! : )) XOXOXOOXXOXXO

  • Ohhh man!!! I’ve moved to different chairs in churches, classes etc. just to breathe. Thanks for the love!! :))

    – evon ski

  • Tony Wilder
    Tony Wilderover 2 years ago

    Yvonca, this is fantastic. Invaded is the right word for sure. Well done!

  • perhaps the world is divided between those with broken smellers and those with olfactory intact. . . . thank you Tony. :))

    – evon ski

  • Honario
    Honarioover 2 years ago

    Ha! LOL Sometimes on the bus I want to rearrange where folk are sitting. Get the stinky homeless man to sit next to the lavender bouffant church lady exuding the ‘perfume fog.’ Wonder if’n it would create some sort odor tornado??

  • you know I think that would make a great video . . on smellavision . . . .
    odor tornado . . . I LOVE that concept. . . from a safe distance.
    Thanks H. :))

    – evon ski

  • Cynthia Lund Torroll
    Cynthia Lund T...over 2 years ago

    Oh, I’ve run into some of those girlies out there – well, some guys too!
    Your title says it all!

  • true guys do it too. p u. it turns acidic and whoaa. bad newz. :))) thanks for the support. x

    – evon ski

  • carboneye
    carboneyeover 2 years ago

    Some people can be said to have thier own little atmosphere, the question is wether thier is any inteligent life underneath it!, or if it’s even possible for life to exist within it!:}
    My advice is, just dont light up within ten feet of these walking perfume planet’s::}}

  • dont light a match aye? scary thought. eek. Thank you CE. :))

    – evon ski

  • Rnz0
    Rnz0over 2 years ago

    Old Spice, as flaunted by old spies (vague reference), is an earthmuffinesque scent; even guys like the wiff, on a wife. But yeah, an asthmatic doesn’t appreciate the societally odiferously correct (?); we gag. Few years back I was a guest at an institution for the maladjusted; there, a gang of cologne thugs, who thought themselves scent superior, attacked me repeatedly, demanding I smell right. I failed in that; I bathed with unscented soap. True to self is a minor victory; sadly, all of us are wrong.

  • aye. just roll in a field of clover like a frisky goat. :))).
    i prefer unscented soap and scented oil.

    – evon ski

  • i have heard of wives of car buffs dabbing motor oil behind their ears . . . just to see if there might heightened interest. never heard the outcome on that one. :))

    – evon ski

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