easy to live with . . . . ?

I like to think I am very easy to live with
oh yes I left the wheel barrow out
no that’s an experiment in there
please leave it. No it has to stay in the sun
that’s part of the experiment.
I know it looks like crap but it’s not!

I am very pleasant and easy going
Hey that’s my pile of sticks
Do NOT move them!
I’m not done with them yet
I know it’s been a while.

Do you want chicken or fish on the salad?
WAIT, don’t mow over those
the’re chives, let me pick them
I guess they spread out of the herb garden
and went a little wild. I didn’t notice.

I don’t care, if you wanna go-GO!
I’m in the middle of a painting
I can’t stop or I might lose it
if I lose it, I probably won’t finish it.
Say hi to everybody for me. I’ll come by later.

I’m going to the post office, got anything for me to take?
I’m mailing cards and art.
No I forgot again.
Well, I’ll just wait for the next bill.
We still have gas and electricity.

Okay, I’m all suited up, got some tunes
and a cart full of tools, lets get to work!
I had to go to the bathroom
I was thirsty
My blood sugar dropped
I was petting the cat
I got us snacks
I found a weird bug LOOK!

Lucky for you Buddy, I cut my own hair
and don’t need new clothes
I’m hot open a window
I’m cold, turn on the heat
I know it’s a pretty narrow range of comfort degree.
Oh are these your shorts? he he.
I declare squatter’s rights.

Let’s clean the house together!
I know I haven’t washed the dishes in 4 days!
yes I’m still crying about that possum
he wasn’t just a regular possum
he was my friend.
I knew him for like three years!
We ate apples together.
He trusted me.

Yeah it bites that we lost our investments
but we are use to living in frugality
we’ll find a way to survive.
Let me draw a mustache on you and take pictures
oh come on be a sport! Let me put this fake chicken
on your shoulder and let’s see if anybody notices
I know I couldn’t stop giggling in the express checkout line
that guy in front of me had a leaf in his toupee
I wanted to carefully snatch it out without him noticing.
but my hand kept shaking cuz I was laughing.
now he keeps looking at me.
I wanna know the story of how that leaf got in there.

Let’s only speak in words sung to the tune of Old MacDonald!
I’ll go first.
I broke the nozzle on the hose
E YI E YI O hhhhhh
And squirted water in your truck
E YI E YI O Noo!
With a squirt squirt here
and a squirt squirt there
here a squirt, there’s a squirt
Everywhere’s a place to squirt
ha! now I sprayed you on your shirt.
help!! can’t catch me!! It’s k i n d a funny. . . . .

. . . . . . .

aww . . . it’s your favorite shirt?
hey it’s just water, you looked hot anyway!
shouldn’t it be washed, how about today?
Smile silly.

big yodelly finish now.
E YI E YI O hhhhhh
oh what the hell,
we’re all gonna die someday
might as well enjoy some time to play
i know it’s a crapppy rhyme
I don’t give two cents or a dime,
E YI E YI O hhhhhh!!!!!

perhaps I live in a state of denial.

yvb 2011

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easy to live with . . . . ? by 

life is serious stuff . . . .


yvonca, fun, play, life

enjoy making direct work from natural materials in my prairie and wildlife sanctuary.
i am a very restless person and I work in many different ways with a variety of media.

One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.
Anne Marrow Lindbergh

My images and written works do NOT belong to the public domain. All images and written works in this gallery are owned by me and © copyrighted, All Rights Reserved.

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  • Catherine  Howell
    Catherine Howellabout 3 years ago

    I could say so many things:))) I loved this! Ahhhh, the life of a creative individual:)

  • Hello Catherine!! thanks for enjoying a few moments with me. xx.

    – evon ski

  • OttitiesUnlimitedLTD
    OttitiesUnlimitedLTDabout 3 years ago

    You make it sound so much fun, really what is the secret??? Faved because it’s all so true…

    Peace always, especially for that possum…

  • maybe understanding that life can be so damn hard it can squeeze the breath out of us. i need the endoraphins really bad. (why isn’t speelcheck on here)
    blessings and peace to Chuck.I’ll wave to the possum for ya. :))

    – evon ski

  • OttitiesUnlimitedLTD
    OttitiesUnlimitedLTDabout 3 years ago

    …“life can be so damn hard…” that is an understatement, especially when you start to realize your role in making it hard compounded with what life throws at you…all I can say is…go figure…

    On the brighter side my cats Max and Axle have been reincarnated as bluejays. All I need is to photo document this incarnation for them.

    Hope you are having a great day today….

  • oh YAY!. I love when that happens. yes pictures please.
    I’m trying. I got sick here 2x now from farmer’s spray of pesticide.
    wishing you a wave of sun.

    – evon ski

  • oh and for the record Chuck, I can be a HUGE pain in the ass too.:))

    – evon ski

  • Will Vandenberg
    Will Vandenbergabout 3 years ago

    Ha ha! “Perhaps I live in a state denial”
    That was funny and entertaing Y :)

  • hey Will, so glad you got a charge outta it. thank you. :))

    – evon ski

  • OttitiesUnlimitedLTD
    OttitiesUnlimitedLTDabout 3 years ago

    ditto for me as a HPITA (hugepainnintheass)…


  • :))

    – evon ski

  • Sorina Williams
    Sorina Williamsabout 3 years ago

    This was so much fun to read, loved it! I smiled my way through it, possibly because I identify with many parts of it. :)) I think you would be fun to live with!!

  • it’s pretty messy in here . . . . . I’m losing stuff all the time, but we’d definitely laugh!! :)) thanks so much Sorina – I love your comment.

    – evon ski

  • abigcat
    abigcatabout 3 years ago

    Half of this is true for me and the other half describes my partner :))
    Very entertaining write, Thank you :-))

  • very interesting comment here and I appreciate it. Glad to hear, thanks so much. :)))

    – evon ski

  • MoonlightLover
    MoonlightLoverabout 3 years ago

    This is a riot Yvonca! I love it! :) I don’t understand why men have to wear toupees! They look fake and its looks fricken weird. A bit like Conway Twitty. What a helmet head! lol!

  • ha haa I know. this guy’s looked so beat up, like he used it as a dust rag or maybe it got stepped on. !!

    Thanks for laughing with me Annie!!

    – evon ski

  • Rickster1
    Rickster1about 3 years ago

    Real sense of fighting the common ground within a relationship of colours and love the finale of life’s too damn short and the years pass by before we know it and then gone ~ Gone on trivia for most
    Clever Girl and enjoyed the journey today…..
    Regards Rick B

  • oh so GLAD!! thanks for enjoying with me and causing me to smile.

    – evon ski

  • Paul Hickson
    Paul Hicksonalmost 3 years ago

    haha Oh my gosh!!! this is perfect! whoever this person is I freaking love them!!! I love the happy go lucky personality and the whole idea that life is too short so why not laugh and be happy :) I love it! oh and also speaking in the tune of old Mcdonald = genius!! lol I so wish life was just one big musical! lol xoxo

  • Ha Ha this is me talking to my husband. You know, might as well laugh, right? whenever you can. Singing in goofy rhyme to the tune of a song never fails to bring up surprises. Try it on the bus with strangers!! Thanks for checking out and joining in the fun Paul. :))

    – evon ski

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