hurt . . . coyote

I was up working late in my studio about 11:30 pm and I heard an animal outside my window. I was pretty sure it was a coyote as I had heard them yipping earlier. Unlocking the clasp, scared it and caused the animal to quiet down. I really could not capture any image worth viewing . . .just a little crying and me talking audio. I felt bad for the creature, wounded, alone and crying. I hate that. I told the animal I would bring it something to eat, which I did although I did not go very near it. The food and animal were gone in the morning when I looked, only some dried blood on the ground.
I wonder about the communication between wild animals. I have so many wounded and hungry ones that show up here on their journeys. Do you think they know I would help them? I wonder. . . .
video link
Hope it recovered. :)


  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadalmost 3 years ago

    A lovely example of timing when it comes to animals. Yes, I think they know when you would help them…

  • hmm . . . seems they must sense openness . . . thanks for taking time to see, view, read and answer. Thank you Mark.

    – evon ski

  • timbuckley
    timbuckleyalmost 3 years ago

    never saw him

  • oh what’s yur adrress . . I’ll pack him a lunch.

    – evon ski

  • timbuckley
    timbuckleyalmost 3 years ago

    still he smells kindness

  • :)) i guess . . . something like this. he got a meal anyway. :)
    Thanks Tim, for viewing and your comments.

    – evon ski

  • Mitch Labuda
    Mitch Labudaalmost 3 years ago

    Wild animals are smarter than most give them credit.

    Living with Wolves Part 13

    I share my life and space with two Wolf Dogs, they know

  • Thank you for the delightful video, really am enjoying it. There is a pack of coyotes that frequent my land. I occasionally howl with them. Although I have no idea what I’m saying. and I suspect they are only humoring me.:)))

    – evon ski

  • kenroome
    kenroomealmost 3 years ago

    They do know Yvonca…they do…not becasue of any thing we do or don’t do though, but rather because of the undercurrent of life that connects all beings. When we are aware of our part in this path, this river of soul, the outward explanations, that is the experiences, are more prevelent. You my friend, are obviously a human sentinel to that connection. :)

  • You have the gift of teaching my Friend. Thank you for this beautiful and insightful comment! :)

    – evon ski

  • 1oldman
    1oldmanalmost 3 years ago

    nice tale… I’ve done a lot of volunteering over the decades and the most rewarding was working wildlife rehab… I once found a coyote caught with it’s forepaw in a steel jawed trap. I went back to town, got a cuppla buddies and a blanket and we went back and released the coyote and destroyed the trap. When the coyote limped/ran away it stopped for just a sec, and looked back… she knew. Your coyote knew. Nature is the all, the more we embrace it the stronger our part in the choir becomes…

    Have you ever read Barry Lopez? I think you’d enjoy his writing, he brings an artist’s sensitivity to his expressions of his views of nature.

  • I enjoyed reading your comment here. I appreciate the lead on the book, I’ll check it out. sounds like it’s right up my alley. Thank you kindly. :)

    – evon ski