Worth the trouble??

yes.It was. I worked like a dog, I solved seeming unsolvable problems.I chose what to solve and what to let go. I tried to fight the right battles. I held onto a vision, reached inside again and again. I set aside heartaches to stay focused. I cried when I needed to and regrouped and perservered.
I was so nervous and spent the day of the show. I felt like a shrinking violet. I am by nature a quiet shy person that is filled by times of quiet and contemplative meditation, that is the state my work comes from. As precious and delightful as they are, people can be exhausting. By the grace of God, when it was showtime, I was ready and grounded in my element. I had a lovely time talking with many many folks approx. 500. Really got great response, so many students came and family and friends too.
I sold two pieces and got a few great contacts including an art director for a museum in the city that is interested in an exhibit. We shall see.
I want to sincerely thank you wonderful loving people for your steady support of me. It has meant the world to me in some very rocky times of instability and self doubt.
You are my tribe. my kind. my kindred. With tears of gratitude . . . I say thank you.
I hope I can be a blessing to you in times of need.


  • Guendalyn
    Guendalynabout 1 year ago

    congratulacion ! wonderful! uauuu!!!

  • Thank you thank you!!! mwahhh!!

    – evon ski

  • Arco Iris  R
    Arco Iris Rabout 1 year ago

    Yvonka, if I were there with you physically, I would be kissing you to death with this news. I am so happy and for you. I have known you for so short a time and yet, you have become like a daughter to me. I have felt your connection and the process of your work, though a little late and practically at the end of your project that I felt I was there with you all of the time. You took the time to show us your work which you could have just worked on it and be off with it without sharing it. And in between you also took the time to share your feelings, your poems and musings. So I thank you and wheres the bottle of champagne? And just to know you, the times you have made me smile and you remind me so much of my daughter well, What else can I say? Congratulations and may we continue our sharing. I’m going to send you a bmail with a photo of her. I don’t know if you will find the likeness but maybe it is your nature that is similar to hers. Love you xoxoxoxoxxoooxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxo

  • oh my goodness, what a precious Momma Bear you are Iris. Your words are deeply recieved with thanksgiving. I look forward to viewing your beautiful lucky daughter’s face. :))

    – evon ski

  • Carol and Mike Werner
    Carol and Mike...about 1 year ago

    All in all, it sounds wonderful . . . congrats on a great show! Guess we wouldn’t appreciate it so much if it were easy . . .

  • probably right but hopefully we learn in leaps and bounds!! Thanks a bunch, :))

    – evon ski

  • Phil
    Philabout 1 year ago

    So glad it went well. It looked fabulous! And sales too!!!

  • whew. I am very grateful. Thanks Phil. :))

    – evon ski

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadabout 1 year ago

    Good for you!

  • Hi Mark! Thanks my friend. :)

    – evon ski

  • Jennifer Rhoades
    Jennifer Rhoadesabout 1 year ago

    What AWESOMESAUCE news!!! I’m so happy for your victories! May you know many, many more and handle them all with your wonderful aplomb and sense of humor. Enjoy God’s blessings on you in this season of triumph! So elated for you!

  • you know it is funny how irregular our growth can be . . sometimes on the surface seems like nothing is happening and then kaboom there’s fruit. Thanks Jen for this delightful comment. xx

    – evon ski

  • JaneRoberts
    JaneRobertsabout 1 year ago

    Wonderful news Y. Everything is exactly as it is meant to be. xx

  • :)) thank you Jane. xx

    – evon ski

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindabout 1 year ago

    Congratulations!! Your friends here are all so proud of you!!! Thanks so much for sharing the awesome experience, only wish we could have been there to support and help!!! Hugs!!! xoxoxoxooxoxo

  • The support so lovingly given here is a hhuge lift to the heart and spirit. It comes across the internet wves with out a doubt. Thanks for the cheer!!

    – evon ski

  • TheBrit
    TheBritabout 1 year ago

    Congratulations on your show Yvonca…

  • oh Brit, thank you for the happy cheer. :))

    – evon ski

  • BabyM2
    BabyM2about 1 year ago

    never doubt your genious..your art speaks..

  • ohh. such a sweet and wonderful thing to say. i will try to remember that. much love to you. x

    – evon ski