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evon ski

Joined June 2009

enjoy making direct work from natural materials in my prairie and wildlife sanctuary. / i am a very restless person and I work in many...


Artist Talk . . .

well . . . I did my artist talk. Lots of technical issues with equipment which really harshed my buzz . . . having a cold brought out a edge to my voice, my presentation was marred by blah blah blah . . . and oh ecetera ecetera
It is what it is. The content is good. I know my work and I can speak from the heart.
The video is 24 min long. A friend/mentor surprised me and showed up with video equipment. He shot this and edited out the technical mishaps. Seriously was a act of extreme generosity . . . I am still overwhelmed by.
I welcome feedback if you have any. :))

so LOVE this!!!

Just discovered this gal. Gunhild Carling a Swedish jazz musician and she sings too. Vivacious and so wildly alive . . what a bombshell!!
Her dancing makes me smile and when she hits the bagpipes LOOK OUT!!

Necklace of Wrens . . .

This song is . . . exquisite, hauntingly beautiful deep and filled with mystery.
The lyrics are also amazing. I love it.
The band is called
The Gloaming
lyrics in both Gaelic and English translation follow.…


A Necklace of Wrens
For Mícheál Ó Ciarmhaic, file
When I was very young
I found a nest
Its chirping young
were fully fledged.

They rose and re-alighted
around my neck,
Made in the wet meadow
a feather necklet.

To them I was not human
but a stone or tree:
I felt a sharp wonder
they could not feel.

That was when the craft came
which demands respect.
Their talons left on me
scars not healed yet.

An Muince Dreoilíní
Do Mhícheál Ó Ciarmhaic, file
I mo bhuachaill óg, fadó fadó,
d’aimsíos nead.
Bhí na gearrcaigh clúmhtha, fásta,
is iad ag scread.

D’éirigh siad

wish me luck . . . .

struggling to get it together today.
Super sad about Prince . . . . so untimely. I loved the artist and man and keep learning more about him that blows my mind. . . .
Wearing purple. I have a gallery show to attend and meeting up with a friend.
I HATE to go out into the public when i feel so vulnerable and uncovered . . . .
I do not know why but I feel I must go. I have expectation of something that is going to happen and I need to be there. I do not know what that means but I will find out. Wish me luck.
Putting on the full armour of God,
turn my eyes away from worthless things
let what ever snares and traps come towards me
pass my by.

thingy test. take 1 2 3

okay. after the final teensy parts were rewired in, I set the camera up to record the reanimation of “The Thingy” needs better name I know. maybe
watch in sequence please. all input welcomed.
And yes I know their is a wire there – but this is NOT some cheapo B grade horror film . . i HAVE to keep this thingy on a leash because I do need to be able to sleep at night.
special thanks to Billy for his suggestions and unbridled enthusiasm.
And now . .
prepare yourselves
to be
verrr . .y

First look

Second look. activate.

Final look

hey. i just found out . . .

I was nominated and selected as one of several inspirational women at my school.
There were awards and a party. This is the second time I have won some award but didn’t know it until after I was congratulated. I was like Oh yeah thanks. wait what? . . . really? when? huh. how about that.
Must read email less fast and slow down on the delete trigger finger.
well I am delighted. :))

In Honor of Football . . . .

Holy Smokels!! It’s super bowl Sunday!!
And what better way to celebrate and get in the mood than to watch the beautiful and vivacous Debbie Reynolds be tossed arounf like a football.!!
If you have never seen this, I’d say you are in for treat!!!
Long time ago I was a cheerleader for football and still kinds fun to root!!

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