Simon Gray

Simon Gray

Prospect, Australia

I was as an illustrator of a biblical adaptation by a religious cult, The “G” Word.
I really like milk crates.
I was the editor of student paper Empire Times in 2004, & earned a rare condemnation from the Flinders Universty Student Council.
I’ve been responsible for the inflation & installation of 5000 balloons.
I buried a television.
I organised (w/ Leigh Stardust) COMBYAH: The Peter Combe Tribute Show @ The Jade Monkey.
I wrote a novel, the manuscript title is Yellow Orang-Utan Industries.
I volunteer for Format, managing their zeen shop.
In 2006 I started & ended the zeen series Simon Gray:2006, & spoke on panels about it @ The National Young Writers Festival.
There’s a toilet named after me on Grenfell Street.
I Organised the most remote Australian zeen fair ever, in Pt. Augusta.
I threw a party in an art gallery & pretended to be passed out during gallery hours, the show ran for a week.

  • Joined: April 2011

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