Before the Dawn Breaks (CH 1)

Chapter One: The Lies Within the Rose Garden

The sound of a young man’s breathing echoed in the darkness as he ran through it. His footsteps echoed as well giving away his location. Not that it was a problem in perfect darkness tat surrounded him. As he ran his breathing became heavier and he slowed down. It looked like he was slowing down because he was sure he was save here. He looked behind him only once and took a deep calming breath. When he moved his eyes to look before him his eyes widened and he quickly turned away. It was too late though. Things that seemed like hands had grabbed his own arms and were steadily moving to wrap around his entire body. Then, he could feel himself slowly being pulled into the darkness and he could hear himself screaming inside his own head as he could no longer breath.

Alex opened his eyes and at that moment he rose up screaming and sweating. When he looked around himself and realized it had just been a dream he stopped screaming but still trembled. He also noticed something else as he slowly began to calm down. Lucy was sitting on a chair next to his bed and looked at him with eyes wide open as if trying to figure out what had just happened. At that moment Alex twitched was sharp pain ran through him and then he found himself lying on bed again with Lucy staring down at him.
-“You okay?” She said with worried tone. “You were screaming just now” It sounded like she was stating the obvious. Not that it was a surprise, what would you expect from a girl who is not even ten years old yet?
-“I just had a nightmare and now this wound is killing me”, Alex said. His words seemed to be coming from far away as he struggled to get words out of his mouth. He was pretty sure the wound he had on his left side had opened again and that Lucy would have to fix it up again. And if she couldn’t fix him, they would have to get Kira here and that was the last thing Alex wanted to do.
-“So, it’s nothing worse? That’s good”, Lucy replied then stood up and came closer to Alex. “I better check up that wound.” She gently pulled the blanket off Alex’s upper body and then sat on the bed side to look closer. Whenever Lucy touched his left side Alex twitched. His whole side was sore and even a slight touched felt like somebody was sticking a knife into him. For him there was nothing else besides the pain in this world at the moment until he could hear Lucy’s soft singing voice. The song was gentle and beautiful and he knew this song. It was called “the Song of the God of the Sky” and if sang by angel it had healing properties. Not that it could heal wounds this deep but it did take the pain away and would cure infections. Not that it was all too effective anyway when it was sang by angel who was a mere child. But it did take away the pain for a moment and as Alex could relax and his breathing calmed down he noticed that there was someone else in the room as well. Man with long black wings and long hair that started out as black and ended as bright blue. His name was Sairell and as Alex’s mind cleared it became obvious. Of course Sairell was here if Lucy was. It was funny, though. Sairell couldn’t stand Lucy at all mostly because she had habit of jumping on him every now and then and because he just despised children. Yet, he was also by Lucy’s side. Thinking this caused Alex to smile slightly.
-“You feel better? At least you’re smiling so I don’t think I did too badly”, Lucy said with bright smile on her face and as she smiled her brown eyes looked as if they shined as well.
-“I feel a lot better, than you”, Alex said and slowly closed his eyes again. He felt so tired that all he wanted to do was sleep. Maybe this time he would sleep without dreams. Luckily for him, his wish was granted and he slept for a long time without any dreams.

When Alex’s breathing became slower and deeper and Sairell was sure that he had fallen a sleep he walked away from both Alex and Lucy. He walked to the door before he could hear Lucy.
-“Where are you going?”
-“I’m going to go talk to Kira” He answered with a voice full of hate. His voice was so cold that it made Lucy tremble a little. She had actually always been little bit afraid of Sairell but as she had spend more and more time with him she had somewhat gotten over it.
-“Why?” She asked. She wanted to know why Sairell would go talk to the person he hated the most in the entire world.
-“We can’t have him discovering why Alex got hurt so badly. If he finds out that it was because we were trying to rescue that one god-damn person I was supposed to kill, we will be in big trouble” Sairell explained and for Lucy it made perfect sense. Even though she was only a mere child she understood things well enough. She also knew that they would all be killed on the spot if true members of Sacred Cross knew about them. It was dangerous enough to be against Sacred Cross but being part of Sacred Cross while truly belonging to Dawn Break that’s goal was to destroy Sacred Cross from within was like asking to be killed.
-“What are you going to tell him?”
-“I’ll tell him I messed up and because of my mistake my target attacked Alex who wasn’t prepared for a sudden attack”. Lucy nodded. To her it sounded believable . Sairell raised his hand and waved at Lucy who replied with small wave of her own and a smile.

As Sairell walked along the long corridor he walked into someone he knew. It was Patrick and when Patrick also noticed Sairell he stopped next to him.
-“How’s Alex?” He asked silently.
-“He’s doing fine and is sleeping right now” Sairell replied without putting much thought into it.
-“That’s good. Where are you going, anyway? It’s rare to see you walking alone” Patrick said and as he said this he turned to look at Sairell. His red eyes reflected the light like two rubies and his jet black hair made the contrast between his red eyes, pale skin and hair all the more striking.
-“Going to meet Kira. I need to explain to him why Alex is injured”
-“Oh.” That’s all Patrick said before walking away and leaving Sairell stand alone. He wasn’t surprised of his reaction, though. Everyone who was in Dawn Break knew of his hate towards Kira and sometimes it sometimes seemed like Patrick was the only one who knew it was better to remain silent.

After a while Sairell stepped into the grand rose garden in the centre of the Sacred Cross headquarters. He didn’t really like this place but he had no choice but to come here since Kira was here, or so somebody had told him. And to his annoyance the information was correct. Kira was indeed there, standing quite close to the entrance. His silver-like grey hair moved slightly with the wind and his clear blue eyes were fixed on the blood red roses. He only took his eyes of them when he heard Sairell coming closer to him. When Sairell was close enough he stopped and went down so that his left knee touched the ground. With his right hand he touched the ground while his left remained on his knee. This way he showed his respect towards Kira. Not that he truly held any respect towards this man. Because of his overly long sleeves he couldn’t feel the soil beneath his hand but the warmth of the fabric.
-“You can get up now” Kira said while looking at Sairell. Obeying this Sairell stood up and now looked Kira into the eyes. Before he could say anything Kira spoke.
-“Care to tell me why Alex was injured during your mission?”
-“It was my fault, sir. I did a mistake and because of that Alex got injured.” Sairell spoke. He tried to make sure his voice remained level and that there was no way for Kira to tell that he was lying.
-“And this mistake was?” Kira looked Sairell straight into his bright green eye, the only eye that was visible as the other one was covered by hair.
-“I wasn’t able to surprise my target and kill him on the first strike, so…” Before Sairell could finish Kira walked closer to Sairell and before he could react to this Kira had already placed his left hand under Sairell’s chin and tilted his head up.
-“Are you sure? You see, I’ve never seen my best assassin do a mistake this dire.” Kira said without letting Sairell escape his eyes. “Nor have I ever seen or heard of you failing the first strike”. Sairell could feel his muscles stiffening and his whole body freezing all over. It was weird feeling as his heart was racing. He tried to think of something to say and eventually he knew what to say.
-“I wasn’t feeling too good that day, so I guess wasn’t focused enough” Sairell said and hoped Kira would believe it.
-“Hmm…..” Kira wondered and was lost in his thoughts for a while. “You know, I can’t believe that either.” Despair was sweeping over Sairell. He should’ve thought this through. There was no way Kira would believe him.

Suddenly Sairell heard someone else’s voice calling for Kira. It was a young man called Nikolai who was pretty much Kira’s right hand.
-“Kira, stop harassing him and get you lazy ass here. The meeting is going to begin soon and I doubt you want to be lectured again” He shouted with clear voice. And now that Sairell thought about it, the situation probably looked kind of awkward. After all, Kira was standing close to him and holding his chin in a way that looked like they were about to kiss. But he knew that those who knew both of them would know the truth behind this. Kira sighed and took his hand away and then looked at Nikolai.
-“I know, I know.” He began walking towards Nikolai and as he passed Sairell he whispered. “Don’t even think I’m done with questions. I really need to know why my precious dragon was injured. And next time, I want the truth”. When both Kira and Nikolai were out of sight Sairell’s knees gave in and he fell on his knees. His whole body was shaking and his black wings were also shaking slightly. He could feel his heart racing more than ever before and it felt like it would explode any minute. This was one reason why he hated Kira. It sometimes felt like Kira could see straight into his soul but that was surely impossible. Or maybe he really was that bad at lying? Maybe he should make Alex tell about his injury? Then, surely, Kira would believe it. With this in his mind Sairell slowly stood up, took one look at the blood red roses and then walked away. This was the last time he saw those roses.

Before the Dawn Breaks (CH 1)


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Note that my mother tongue isn’t English. I write in English in order to improve and overall I think that English is far better language for novels than Finnish.

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