I believe in science and love. I like nature, art, music, pottery and skate-boarding. It would be great if we share sense of humor and inspirations.

Love, peace, and freedom,
Yui Sato

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I quit Facebooking.

Why do you use a social media site? / There will be a lot of reasons, for sure; sharing pictures, organising events, staying in touch with friends who are away, or even keeping you updated about your friends in the neighbourhood… Despite all these that I had also enjoyed, I deleted my account recently. Some friends objected to my last post “I will quit” with their reasons, and a…
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Having a trouble to start 'that' dauting task??

HOW to BEAT that daunting feeling in ‘easy’ 3 Steps with HAPPINESS! / Step 1 / Understand that the BIG task you need to do is important for you, and imagine how HAPPY you would feel when it is finished. If you know you will be in immense happiness; then proceed to Step 2, if not, repeat Step 1. / Step 2 / Remember that (1) you will have ‘that daunted feeling’ when you are …
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2014, we are still in the Age of ever so Stupid

2014; we are still in the Age of Stupid… / In the 2009 climate change film “The Age of Stupid”, Piers, the wind-farm developer regrettably talks about the cutting down carbon energy waste; / “Exactly the opposite is happening / to the very thing that needs to happen. / These things need to be speeded up. / And actually, these things are getting slowed down… / Plent…
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Free us from the short-sighted madness.

Greedy humans from foreign lands exploit the nature. / Taking all lives and earth away for their short term profit. / Driving economy? Money just ends up in their bank account. / Creating jobs? People are used for the exploitation until it’s all gone. / In the long-term, there will be only sadness left on the planet. / Because we cannot live without the nature. We need to harmonise within. …
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