Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true. (Jacques-Henri Lartigue)

I have always wanted to play an instrument.
but i always knew that the most important thing is
how well i play..

i was wrong..

i newly learned the exact point.
it is how i feel about what i am playing..

I am a turkish-newyorker who is an amateur photographer.
I try to capture anything, any moment that i see with my eyes.

i like to play with my photographs, but i love originality.
i like to take colorful photographs, but i love B&W, i think the soul can be seen better that way.
i like to fall in Love, but i Love Photography!!

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2 more features !!

Haha i love this game ! and the New York City !! / Thanks again guys !!
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Featured 1st time !!!!

Wooooo Hoooooooo !! thank you guys.. you are encouraging me to take more and more photos!! You made my day !! :o)
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