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IF YOU LEAVE NOW… you leave you take away the best part of me… / So don’t stall bitch peace, can’t believe you caused all this grief, can&#… PURE EVIL I’m the rapture in a physical frame/ / A cynical brain/ / Like a prison/a cage/ / “In” is what I’m clinically sane/ For those my heart breaks for I’ve protected all that I could, time to face it alone/ / If home is where the heart is I’ll live my days on the road/ Never Told You…(Very dark) Never felt the love of christ not like I could pray to god/ / My heart and soul asleep begging for a wake up call/ / I can’t explain … The Bastard’s Ill Inch away from putting cats under grass for real/ / My cousin tell me I’m magnetic so just pass the steel/ / Nine shots one for each … TATTOOS by Youngone My Demeanor The writings on the wall, wrote in bold black print, / Will you rise up to the call? NO, you’ll roll backwards, / According to the la… LABELLED A PROBLEM See I represent what they can’t control, so I’m labeled a problem/I’m seen as a rotten seed / and it’s too late for… Mister Mr. (SICK) Mr. wickidly twisted being, / Mr. clock’s tickin differently, / Mr. march with a limp in sync to a different beat, / Mr. don’… WARM UP Challenge my craft? get walking, / Battle rap? My dick hardens / Won’t last: below belts I hit hardest, / No class and dishonest, JUST INCASE (IF I GO TOMORROW) If I go tomorrow, / I write this flow so you could know my sorrorw, / So this story don’t go untold so you could know my motto, It’s all a game (EDITED, New verse added, F… The world is how you perceive it, Believe it, it’s all just part of your mind and you’ve gotta beat it, And when you leave it, …