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Run Through the Fields

RUN THROUGH THE FIELDS — lyrics & music by Steve Crouse

With the dawning of the morning, you rise to face your day
Looking for its meaning in your journey on the way
To becoming the person that you were meant to be
The world tries to chain you but your spirit remains so free

So run through the fields that are living in your mind
Feel the warm breeze and dream of the time
When the confusion shall all pass away
And you’re free to live in the joy of today

I’ve watched you as you’ve grown through the struggles that confront you
Laughing and crying, doing what you have to do
Learning to know you as you fight for survival
Has brought into my world the hope of revival

Sharing in your life has helped me to grow
As I see you in your freedom, warm feelings flood my soul
You’re free to be who you are and that’s all you have to be
I love you for who you are and that’s all you have to be

by Steve Crouse
(before 1978)

I thought of it today as I was bubble mailing a special woman so dear to me. I could sing this from my heart to each of you!!!

As you can plainly see, I did not write this but it spoke to me deeply when the man who did write it sang it for me back in 1978. Yes, that was some 33 years ago!! I still have that private recording. He wrote it as a birthday present for his girlfriend with whom he had recently parted company through no choice of his own.
Posted 05/12/2011

Addendum (May 14): Since first posting this here on the bubble I decided to see if I could find Steve online. I did, emailed him & he replied this morning!!!!! HA!

“I am indeed that Steve Crouse. I remember you well and the time that we shared together at that retreat. I haven’t thought of that song in a long, long time. I’m glad that it has been an encouragement. I’m honored that you felt it was worthy of posting. No problem with that.” He went on to share about his family and work. For him it seems all is well.
HA! again. Just how kool is that, my friends?

Until Steve does it, laugh with me & let’s run through the fields…
You’ll need the words cause I run out of breath a lot!



  • Druidstorm
    Druidstormover 3 years ago

    I truly understand your liking to these words my friend!! A wonderful delight to read! Bravo, bravo!!!….)o(

  • I found it hard to believe any one could walk away from someone with a heart like this, but it happens. Have always wondered what happened to Steve and so many that I knew at that time. I met him briefly at a weekend retreat. He was the music leader & shared this song. When I asked him to record it for me, I was so pleased that he did. He spent several hours at my home recording song after song then he was gone from my life as quickly as he came into it.

    – YouBet

  • For copyright reasons, I promised Steve I would never share the recording. I probably should not have shared his lyrics so I now entrust divine providence to safeguard them!!

    – YouBet

  • Well, well, well. I found Steve and he gave this consent!!

    – YouBet

  • ManInTheBox
    ManInTheBoxover 3 years ago

    Very beautiful. So happy you’ve posted this.

  • I have sung it to you a time or 50!!!

    – YouBet

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadover 3 years ago

    Love is just like this…

  • Hi Mark. I have always thought so.

    – YouBet

  • Rikki Woods
    Rikki Woodsover 3 years ago

    What a beautiful song. I am going to look it up on youtube to see if I can hear it sung. Thank you for this and I love you. xxoo

  • I’d sing it to you but … you are a musician!!!! YIKES!
    I think I may have located Steve Crouse after all these years through the internet. I have asked about any recordings he might have out. We shall see!

    – YouBet

  • The music is as beautiful as the lyrics. Folky. Simple. Memorable.

    – YouBet

  • Valentina D
    Valentina Dover 3 years ago

    BEAUTIFUL.Sorry I haven’t bmailed back……think of you often and will even more now whenever I think of the lyrics of this song. The chorus in particular is just what I need to hear now . Much love Vxo

  • Yes! Oh yes! How we need to dream of a time … especially when the moment is rough going.

    – YouBet

  • Pamela Phelps
    Pamela Phelpsover 3 years ago

    Beautiful words, such deep meaning!

  • Glad you like them too!! Not surprised!

    – YouBet

  • Robin Monroe
    Robin Monroeover 3 years ago

    how beautiful and thank you so much for this is just what I needed..I’m running through fields of my mind…so free:)

  • Good.

    – YouBet

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadover 3 years ago

    You must shine at church when you sing…

  • that was a long time ago….nabbed my last husband that way …the one that i nearly killed myself over. sorry about that but you touched a memory.
    The choir was doing an entire Easter production (costumes, music, drama) of How Great Thou Thou Art. I wore a baby blue veil head drape & sang my heart out. He said I glowed. I guess you could say I was just in the mood of the moment! Whew!…come back to Today, Linda dear!! Hugs, Mark.

    – YouBet

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindover 3 years ago

    OMG YOU BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!! Thank you for this! What a song. What a gift, the words are so amazing. AND YOUR SINGING ONLY ADDS TO THE BEAUTY OF THE MESSAGE OF FREEDOM! How did you know I need this…I know..silly question : )) LOVE YOU! MAJOR HUGS YOU LOVELY CREATURE! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOO

  • uh oh … just had a mood swing & am in tears. You are beautiful, so very beautiful. Don’t worry…it wasn’t a squall.

    – YouBet

  • Valentina D
    Valentina Dover 3 years ago

    My goodness!!!.just what i needed this rainy melancholy Sunday morning. You have reached into my heart and soothed it .Thank you so much for this beauty coming from your heart .You are such a gorgeous soul and I am so pleased to have connected with you and hope to keep bumping into you as we run through our respective (but nearby) fields. V:)Hugs x

  • Hugs!

    – YouBet