Beek-Ubbergen, Netherlands

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  • Robin Monroe
    Robin Monroeabout 2 years ago

    I was too last night, gave it up and came back this morning….go to your activity feed which is over on the right….this should help:)

  • Thank you so much Robin i found it by mistake…..i hate what they did to our Bubble !!!!!!!!!!!

    – Yool

  • BarbL
    BarbLabout 2 years ago

    I am with you, Sis….this is the most confusing thing I’ve ever seen! It shows a bunch of images supposedly from people I “follow” but when I go to see who is on my following list, none of them are there. I don’t know who all these images belong to and even when I go to my comments section, it no longer tells you if someone selected a “favorite”. I’m not “in like” with this change at all….and why the change? I hear nothing about it prior and I was just getting used to the OLD change! Sheesh!

  • Dear sis it is not getting any easier…….i do not understand a darn thing and that would not be the worst if it was here to help us….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    – Yool

  • MarieG
    MarieGabout 2 years ago

    Hi! Yool…please go see Mary Sedici’s link…a lot of helpful hints …we all need time to adjust…but it will happen…!

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Marie that helps a lot but still not a happy camper (bubbler!!!) :))

    – Yool

  • barnsis
    barnsisabout 2 years ago

    Hold up a light and I will try to find you (:>)

  • LOL….you are a very funny granddad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – Yool

  • barnsis
    barnsisabout 2 years ago

    Here you go Sis (:>)

    The main thing I don’t like is that there is not a link that takes us straight back to he comments page. You have to click on your user name at the top right of the page then click on the Activity the click on the Default Activity under that. That is three steps instead of one.

  • Thanks dear one MarieG also shared a link (see up!) that is very helpful :))

    – Yool

  • Els Steutel
    Els Steutelabout 2 years ago

    Me too!!

  • MarieG also shared a link from Mary (see up!) that is very helpful :))
    Now i am stumbling but learning to find my way again….this is so stupid!!!!!!!!

    – Yool

  • Corri Gryting Gutzman
    Corri Gryting ...about 2 years ago

    Yool….let me know what you are trying to find and I’ll help you find it.
    Everything seems to be here…just in a slightly different spot. Some of the things that we used to love are back…and I’ve seen some things that should really help with sales.
    Hang in there. :)
    Until they get the glitch with watching forums fixed, book mark the ones you want to find.
    Things will get easier. Hugs!

  • Dear Corri thank you so much for the help :))
    MarieG also shared a link from Mary (see up!) that is very helpful :))

    – Yool

  • Anaa
    Anaaabout 2 years ago

    I’m lost too !!!! :(

  • Dear Anaa see this link it helps a bit….but still do not like the new lay-out…..grrrrrrrrr :((

    – Yool

  • patjila
    patjilaabout 2 years ago

    A little comfort there are so many lost :)) me included….we’ll find our way I guess sooner or later :))
    For now tomorrow there’s another day, good luck Yool :))
    Glad I find something: the word LOOOOOOOST ha ha

  • Hans Bax
    Hans Baxabout 2 years ago

    Ik voel met je mee, maar begin er inmiddels aardig in thuis te raken.
    Ben niet even blij met alle veranderingen….
    Succes! Het gaat je lukken!
    Liefs en groeten,
    Hans xxx