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Global news agency sues photographer for "antagonistic assertion of rights"

On Monday 26th April, Agence France Presse (AFP filed a complaint in the United States District Court Southern District of New York against Haiti-based photographer Daniel Morel.

Daniel Morel took iconic photographs of the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake in January, and uploaded them to TwitPic (a website whose TOS include the retention of the creator’s copyright) and then linked to them from Twitter.

Agence France Presse downloaded the pics from TwitPic and made them available all over the world, without crediting Daniel Morel or paying him. When Morel complained, AFP sued, claiming Morel engaged in an “antagonistic assertion of rights”.

More information at 1854

I tweeted : AFP steals #Haiti photos to which has neither rights nor permissions: sues photographer Daniel Morel for complaining

I agree with Olivier Laurent at 1854, who wrote: What does this say about journalism in the digital age? Is it all right, because easily available, to use other people’s works without their authorisation? Getty Images, the BBC, CNN, News Corporation and other don’t think it is – at least when it concerns their own content. So why is it okay to use photographers’ images without their authorisation or consent?

but also with David Walker at PDNPulse, who wrote: That, of course, raises the question: what is copyright really worth anymore if technology has turned it into something that benefits only those with the resources to enforce and defend it at every turn?

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