Jiashu gained the Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (FRPS).in 1987.

Main Solo Exhibitions:
< The Doors of Devotion> (25 images) 1991 Adelaide Australia.
< The Place Closet To Heaven > (30 images) 1993 Singapore.
< Choices > (15 images) 1995 Adelaide Australia.
< Trees of Four Seasons > ( 20 images ) 1996 Hobart Australia.
< The Visions from Altitude o to 3500m > (50 images ) 2006 Lanzhow China.
< Tibetan Prayer Flags> (30 images ) Eye2Eye Art Gallery, Adelaide 2009
< Mind Field> (60 images) at Guchong Contemporary Art Gallery, China 2009
<Trees in Flinders Ranges> SALA Festival 2011

Main Lectures:
At Universtiy in Shanghai, China.
At the 27th and 30th the National Convention The Australian Photographic Society.
At the International Photographic Seminar. (Singapore Colour Photographic Society).
At universities, schools, camera clubs in Australia.

Main Awards:
Selected Goblet at 130th Annual International Photographic Exhibition.( Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain)
Silver Award at the South Australia Institution of Professional Photographers’ Print.
The Best colour print at the South Australia Institution of Professional Photographers’ Print.
Silver Award at the National Professional Photographer Print Awards, Melbourne, Australia.
Award of Excellent of photography Annual (Communication Arts Magazine USA.)

Main Publications:
Over 100 images and articles published in “Australian Photography”, “Digital Photography+Design”, “The Economist”, “Discovery”, “The Silk Road”,“International Photography”,“The Photographic Journal” (RPS, UK),…….

Books translated to Chinese, Published by the China Photographic Publishing House.
“Life Photographers What They Saw” by John Loengard USA
“Magnum”—“fifty years at the front of history—the story of the legendary photo agency” by Russell Miller. UK.

  • Joined: December 2007