Write the Wrongs

by: George A. Yesthal

The proverbial shit is hitting the fan. And those who are refuting that fact are either the enemy or their pawns. People are preoccupied with the right or the left and the real polarization we have to identify and concern ourselves with now is the RIGHT and the WRONG and make no mistake, it is that black and white.

It has become so blatantly obvious that the government wants to trash our economy and our sovereignty and start a race/civil war. They are already going after our organized militias. This should be a red flag of the highest order. There will always be varied opinions but it is coming down to an era when someone’s opinion being diametrically opposed makes them the enemy. I never thought I would see the freedom of expression turned into a weapon in this country. Not in my lifetime, but it is happening as I write this.

People who realize the truth of what I’m saying have an obligation as loyal Americans to help spread that truth. I know many people who agree but say things like, “Oh, I’m just not that political.” My response is, ‘You no longer have the luxury to not be political.’

All it takes is to post your beliefs and air your grievances because with the government snatching up rights, curtailing freedoms and censuring free thought, we may well be deprived of any option sooner than we think.

The time is NOW to get off our asses and make a big stink. Shoot your cyber-mouths off and don’t be polite about it. In the past ten years I myself have made hundreds of converts, many of whom never in their wildest imaginings would have seen themselves writing anything political but as they dug for and shared information the mill became filled with grist.

Venues that I began writing for, that a year ago were almost empty are now alive with ideological chatter and 90% of the posts on Twitter and Facebook are political and buzzing with shared ideas.


They hate it so much so that they are champing at the bit to shut the internet down. And not just to deprive you of piano-playing puppies either. Money moguls like Jay Rockerfeller are crying from the halls of their ivory towers quotes like, “The internet should never have been allowed to exist…” What does that tell you? We are foiling their plots though knowledge and awareness. Nothing is such a threat to a villain as his victim knowing to expect him.

Write, damnit! You get on the web and search for pretty kitties and quasi inspirational quotes, so take a few extra moments and dig deep into your bag of disgruntlement and if you come up with something you disagree with, something you think should be changed, post something about it. I don’t ask for people to agree with my viewpoints, far from it. What we need is as much human dialog and varied views as possible.

I know so many people and I honestly don’t know but a few that are actually satisfied with the state of affairs today. And frankly those few for the most part are either not too bright or ill informed. So I urge you to just give a moment or two of your cyber-time to think about and express what you feel politically. The reason the government holds such a mighty and inappropriate sway is that we citizens have divorced ourselves from its form and function. So many of the people who choose to argue politics do so from a largely ill informed standpoint. It’s time that changed and the more of us who truly get involved the more it WILL change, and for the better.

Now, on his way out the door of the White House Obama delivers a final swipe at our freedoms by singing an addendum to the NDAA that grants the CIA control of the internet. He did it right under our noses with zero objection from congress. When they do that, they will have castrated We The People. Trump has already made overtures about curtailing and censuring the web so I don’t see ANY succor from that quarter. It’s up to us to scream bloody murder and keep this next president fully aware of the freedoms we demand.

If you think it’s wrong write about it and drum up as much popular indignation as you can.

Write the WRONGS.

Write the Wrongs

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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