Where Went the Wellspring?

I don’t think that I have ever completely agreed or disagreed with any president with the possible exception of Richard Nixon who, in my estimation, was a megalomaniacal thug that I could not find a jot of common ground with. Most presidents, being human, like any other human, have their strong and weak points. Truman, who was thrown into a tough situation had horrific decisions to make, but he made them and will live in history as the president that ended the World War II, saving millions of lives, while some will vilify him as being the monster that ushered in the age that could wipe out mankind.

His successor, Dwight D. Eisenhower warned that we must be very aware and vigilant of secretive powerful elite societies that seek to wrest power from the American people via the military/ industrial complex. That has come to pass because the people heard his message and did nothing, infused with the idea that our strong leaders would protect us from such dangers. After all, the general was aware of it, was he not?

Yes, he was, and so was his successor, John F. Kennedy, who warned us of the same secretive societies and mega-corporate interests and was killed for it, as was his brother, Robert.

President of the United States is a job that I cannot fathom seeking by choice and as such I always am hypercritical regarding motive, more so now that there is undeniably a Globalist industrial lobbying force firmly ensconced within the governmental infrastructure that has been exacerbated by Citizens United. These elite factions that sweeten the political pot also pull triggers so betraying them is a very risky proposition indeed. And yet today, one CANNOT become president without their support. This has got to change and the first order of business in that regard is utterly defeating Citizens United.

I’m sorry to say that within the past four president’s administrations there have been unforgivable criminalities that have largely gone overlooked and according to the law of the land, if these things take place within a certain president’s administration and term, he is responsible. If he was unaware, that indicates unfitness to hold his office, consequently making him impeachable. If he is complicit, he is impeachable at the very least and subject to imprisonment if the offense warrants. I disagreed with many of Ronald Reagan’s policies, but when the Iran /Contra scandal raged, he said, “The buck stops here,” and left it in congress’s auspices to be adjudicated and executive order be damned. He was the last president that actually took blame for his mistakes and would accept the decision of the people.

Since his administration, the trend has been for presidents to worm out of retribution by executive privilege, and security classifications of all their covert dealings. George W. Bush even went so far as to pre-write himself and his cabinet pardons that could not be reversed, and then classified and sealed them.

And money and power are the goal and the key.

They say, if you want to know the truth of any given situation, follow the money. The trend in Washington today follows that wisdom right into and out of our pockets and any philosophy, agenda, directive, plot or plan to alter or effect that initiative is firmly and hotly refuted, rebuffed and outright illegalized.

Today two versions of the American Dream exist. They stand in stark contrast. The first version (which happens to be the original version and that of most of the people) is, you keep your money and the fruits of your labors and maybe donate what you can afford. The second holds that an elitist group in Washington knows best what to do with it and that they should be allowed to govern how it is done, who will do it and how much you will “donate”. The second “American Dream” is the provenance of the politicos, and they will always want (and get) more. This has fueled the corruption that has not abated since FDR signed in The New Deal.

Today, it comes down to two schools of American thought; Capitalism, which this country was founded upon and, since The New Deal, has gotten a bad name. And, Socialism, which assumes an egalitarian role for “the people,” seeking to make them all equal. Both theories are ideals but only one works.

Capitalism provides an effort, a product and a profit. It’s simple and it has worked since hunters traded with gatherers and vice versa. It operates on a presumption of economic health and as such endeavors to increasingly improve.

Socialism, on the surface, seems like a noble endeavor but, is it really? Undeniably, someone is going to reap the fruit of someone else’s labor, because, after all, are we not trying to provide for the “have-nots”? Isn’t that the human thing to do? If it was, would we have to enforce it with law? Altruism is only workable when it’s affordable and only noble when it’s done from a willing good heart.

I like to think of myself as a kind person and I want to keep it that way, but if I’m told that I have to deprive my children to assure that yours survive, I am going to become measurably less kind. Be assured if I can help you, I will, but if I can’t that means that by doing so, I would deteriorate to your level misfortune. Now we are both in bad straits so instead I will not help and you are on your own.

Reagan said it pretty succinctly when saying, ‘when the country’s in a state of crisis, bigger government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.’ Again I want to emphasize that I really didn’t even like the man, but he made some very good points.

When a society is in financial crisis, government has to let the individual use his resourcefulness to help himself to prosper. When he prospers, so will his neighbor. It’s not a time to be putting people in jail for tax infractions or questionable business practices. Laws have to loosen up rather than tighten and things like selling one’s produce and lemonade stands and yes, even moonshining have to be tolerated. People have to be allowed and even encouraged to do what it takes to survive, because, isn’t survival what it’s all about? In drastic times drastic measures are called for and that does not mean tighter strictures and tithes that only make the already oppressed population more so.

We’ve been goaded and cajoled and propagandized into thinking that individual rule is absurd and it is the provenance of the elite to rule. How is that in any way American? It seems obvious when seen in such a way that the problem stems from excessive government. The most expensive thing on the planet is the cost of government. How can increasing the problem, be seen as the solution? And yet it is. We see our fellows telling us that since governmental rule is failing us, we need more. Until we change our collective mind-set, we are speeding toward that fiscal cliff like Thelma and Louise and without all the good looks.

You cannot get more water in a trough by constantly taking it out. You have to find a source of new water to replenish it. You cannot make people equal, because, the bitter truth is, they are not. They’re not even born that way. No matter what the laudable concept of the language of the Bill of Rights states, children in Somalia will be born without a prayer of surviving to their first birthday, while Mitt Romney’s kids will never have a worry. What is important is that we recognize that no one is born more worthy than another and that we try to see to it that we all have the best chance of survival possible. And taking more of an already struggling individual’s provender will never aid the common cause.

The irony is that we are a wealthy country. If the money that is wasted on war in one year were suddenly injected back into our economy, my, but wouldn’t it be a marvelous Christmas for all of us?

My growing fear and grave concern is that we will never wake up from this illusion of an American dream and the powerful elite will eventually achieve their ideal population of 500 million inhabitants. Will that be the Utopia we all seek? I guarantee there will be work for one and all on that day. When I say such a thing, do you shudder to your soul or do you say, “Oh good, jobs for everyone”?

No, a socialistic solution is nothing but a pipedream and if we don’t put the brakes on and reel in these criminal administrations from running amok, we will find ourselves hopelessly outgunned and outclassed just like Thelma and Louise rocketing over that terminal precipice.

What we have on our side and in our arsenal is numbers, because ultimately THAT is the trump card. We have but to find a way to collectively play it. All the money in the world cannot stop 300 million Americans from saying “ENOUGH”. But to do that we have to get off of the Nashville CMT “MY country right or wrong” flag-waving band wagon and dare to think for ourselves. Stop letting your government make the most personal and precious decisions in your lives and “Just Say NO”.

Where Eisenhower, Kennedy and Reagan warned us against letting our government get too large and they thought we understood, we are now faced with a president and administration that wants us to believe that just the opposite is our salvation.

To quote Barack Obama, “Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambition. That our system cannot tolerate too many big plans. The question we ask today is not whether our government is to big or too small, but whether it works.”

Works for whom, Mr. Obama?

Where Went the Wellspring?

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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