Brainwashing and Change

George A. Yesthal

I think it’s so important, especially in these days of pre-election contrivances and media misdirection, to remember that hatred begets hatred. It’s also important to realize that the unrest we are seeing in the middle east is indicative of only a small but vocal minority of Muslims. In a religion that includes a proviso for vengeance and war (Jihad), we are going to see the worst of that population form up to embrace violence and bloodshed. They look for any vindication of their seething anger and are quick to light the fuse. They are not representative of the majority of peaceable Arabs that just want to be left alone to make a life for themselves and their families. But they are loud, violent, vocal and high profile. So, what do we have? We have a middle eastern conflagration spreading panic, resentment and hatred across the globe.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Here in the U.S. we have a host of misguided and brainwashed quasi-patriots that respond to the Arab saber rattling by calling for war and will use any excuse to get it. Again, these people are the loud and vocal minority. Squeaky wheels. Something like 66-83% (depending on the poll) of Americans polled said they want a stop to our involvement in the middle east and that we should bring our soldiers home. So for the purpose of my argument we’ll say it’s a conservative 70% want this. Do we ever hear these statistics? Rarely, and almost never from mainstream news sources.

What should we glean from this? I can’t help but surmise that the bipartisan government we are shackled by are using all their resources to gear up for war regardless of what We The People want. This includes the major news networks. This is the font from which most Americans drink in their news. The dangerous part is that so few question these sources and believe blindly. Is it any wonder the government can lord power over us against our will? We are conflicted in our own minds between what we believe is right and what we are TOLD is right. Unfortunately, it is the government that has the guns and mercenaries to force us to think the way they want us to.

What does this tell us? I believe it says that regardless of what we believe there is no true separation between the Republican and Democratic parties. They are both going to lead us into war. One, faster than the other perhaps but we are still going to wind up there. Remember, 70% of the citizenry of this “DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC” does NOT want this. You don’t have to be a political pundit to figure out that our “constitution” and “bill of RIGHTS” is being treated as so much toilet paper. The powerful elite will have their way and there will be nothing we can do to stop it until we change our collective political mind-set and embrace our sovereignty instead of selling it off for the illusion of security.

In a world such as this, this means changing our views on what is politically correct. Political correctness in the U.S. means not only what is best for the majority of Americans, but what is right and healthy for all of mankind because we believe (or did at one time) that ALL men are endowed with certain inalienable rights. There is nothing wrong with the concept of a global social harmony, but the Globalist New World Order has become a term of social anathema because it represents MONEY being the momentum that drives it and consequently is corrupt in its very nature.

The only way we can affect change is to change the way we vote. It’s time to wake up to the concept that there might be more effective party ideologies such as Libertarianism and possibly even anarchy. People have been spoon-fed the idea that anarchy is lawlessness and social chaos. Nothing could be further from the truth, but it is WAY smaller and localized sovereign voluntary government. Of course there is no possible way to transition into such a thing immediately. But if we give up our governmental and social short-sightedness, we can set our sights on something better. I think it’s safe to say that what we have now is not working for us.

If the 70% would just decide this election to vote for guys like Rand Paul, Judge Anthony Napolitano, Dr. Ben Carson or Gary Johnson in the next election in support of the Libertarian concept, it would have the effect of tearing down, in one fell swoop, this faulty, flawed and failing system and replacing it with one that is more efficient and tailored to the welfare of the American citizenry . It almost seems too simple to be true, but in reality and ironically, it is the task of convincing that citizenry to do what is in their own best interest, that is a nearly impossible task. This is the undeniable effectiveness of propaganda and brainwashing.

Brainwashing and Change

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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