Dirty Politics as Usual

It’s important to understand our socio-political climates, cause and effect, and the White House’s electoral agenda. So few people actually stop to ask themselves why we are seeing such things as the Martin/Zimmerman issue generate such a media stir. Yes, it was a tragic situation.

Fri. April 6, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jake England and Alvin Watts (two white boys) shot five Black people, killing three. Sat. April 7, it was national news.

Over the Easter weekend, in Chicago, There were three killed and seventeen wounded and almost no mention was made of it. Why? Because the Chicago incidents were Latino on Latino and Black on Black.

Remember that there are scenarios like this playing out across the U.S. every day by the thousands that the country at large NEVER hears about. The very good reason for that is that legally they are state and local issues, to be reported on and dealt with in those municipalities.

Why then, are we hearing SO much about Martin/Zimmerman and the Tulsa shootings? Actually The Chicago shootings are more pertinent because they are indicative of Chicago’s rising crime rate, which ultimately DOES impact the nation as a whole. But those were same race-crimes.

We are going to start seeing an increase in inter-racial crimes getting major media attention because racial unrest can only serve Obama’s electoral agenda in a positive way. The president has seen a startling decline, over the past three years, in his black voter support.

In 2008, Obama won the election on the strength of three major groups; African Americans, Latinos and Young Americans (under 30). Ron Paul has effectively secured the majority of the latter so that leaves Blacks and Latinos and since Obama needs to secure the lions share of this group, which he’s lost so much of over the last three years, he needs to pull off a coup. That means stirring up racial unrest (which has been conspicuously negligible for three decades). But…instead of inspiring them, he’s going to count on scaring (racial issues) and bribing them, i.e. changing the immigration laws unilaterally (defacto amnesty).

As far as the White vote goes, he has remained pretty much the same, which is about the same as Al Gore in 2000. So his success (or lack thereof) hinges on this all-important ethnic electorate.

Some would chuckle and say, “Heh heh, business as usual on the ol’ Hill.” To you I say, “Yeah? Stuff it up you complacent ass, Chuckles. This is insidious politics and people are dying for his underhanded scheming. And it just don’t fly in America!” And it shouldn’t. Be manipulated if you want to. I’m going to try to keep my finger on the pulse and throw it out there as I see it.

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  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandover 2 years ago

    It makes perfect sense that such underhanded dealings has its place in politics. Who but an ignoramous would fall for such shenanigans. Need I say more? If you want to sell a worthless product, create a need for it.

  • Very true.

    – George Yesthal

  • lcretyi
    lcretyiabout 2 years ago

    My God Man you are brave to state a truth such as this, I want to share with you, every single day and night in an area of our city there are 4 to 5 shooting usually ending in death, yes it is black on black crime, but its briefly mention and forgotten in 5 seconds flat….this really and Truth happens every single day…when will people get involved and put a stop to it or at least care????

  • I appreciate being called brave, but in actuality, it has nothing to do with that. I just can’t seem to sit by and keep my mouth shut when I see something as heinously blatant and transparent as this and they get their sheep to jump on the band wagon and start screaming about racial issues. They are a rat race of race rats.
    Thanx for your great comment, Laura.

    – George Yesthal

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