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Why I support Dr. Ron Paul


Ron Paul is the only candidate running in the present election who is actually a student of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. His level of knowledge and expertise is professorial and I believe that this kind of understanding should be prerequisite to one’s being accepted as a candidate for our presidency. It is the degree that we as a country have strayed from the very document that defines governmental function that is causing the problems we are having. He realizes that the only laws that can be positively supported and enforced according to the Constitution, are laws that guaranty and defend personal liberties and rights. These are laws that buoy and protect the right to the pursuit of health and happiness. This means religious and political freedom, freedom of speech and journalism, freedom to marry and consort with whom we choose and the right to protect ourselves which means possession of any means to do so. Ultimately this means we must be free to make mistakes also and the role of government must not infringe upon these rights. Ron Paul understands this at a visceral level and realizes how far down a wrong and convoluted path we have come because of big government’s intervention and manipulation, and he is fighting it.


Dr Paul has been sought out for his expertise in economic solutions and uncannily accurate fiscal predictions. He predicted the housing bubble of 2008, the growing recession and the European fiscal collapse to the tee including timelines. This is a man who endorses phasing out the Federal Reserve Bank because they are a consortium of private banks and so, in no way, “federal” and they are bilking the American public and economy. He endorses cutting a trillion dollars in spending and actually has a workable plan for accomplishing it, which includes shutting down at least five superfluous federal departments. He recognizes that there are expenditures that simply never see a return and are accomplishing little or nothing.


I explain this at least once every day. The mainstream media is being told by their masters to smear Paul so they throw out terms like “Isolationist”. I encourage people to look the word up and then check Paul’s record. He is a NON-INTERVENTIONIST. Isolationists break off ALL ties with outside counties. Paul wants trade with these countries even if we don’t share ideologies. He endorses pulling our armed forces back to within our borders (for the most part). He also endorses spending to strengthen the armed forces here at home. He encourages the proliferation and construction of military installations within the U.S. He wants to cut military spending NOT Defense spending. The two are different things altogether. What that means is close down foreign U.S. military bases, bring most of our soldiers home and use them as a force to strengthen our borders, close and sell embassies and other holdings and liquidate all assets into tangible capital. He endorses open communication to resolve past harms and differences to establish healthy trade instead of war and hate mongering and if resolutions can’t be reached, pull back and prepare for any aggression that might occur. If in fact war is imminent, we will fight it WHEN it is declared by congressional ratification. I ask you…HOW is this “ISOLATIONIST”?
Ron Paul’s foreign policy is the only one that does NOT spell national suicide and promotes a healthy live-and-let-live philosophy which in its turn will promote the restoration of a healthy economy. It is interesting to note that Ron Paul has overwhelmingly more support from our armed forces than ANY other politician in DC.

Ron Paul is a decent and good-natured man who loves family and has carried that sense of decency to his medical practice and political career. He cares so much for his fellow man and their right to personal liberty that he is objective to extremes, i.e. he realizes that no one is ever going to completely agree on all issues and that their right to disagree is protected by law. For instance, he is pro-life but realizes that legislation concerning abortion should be consigned to the state and local level. He does not endorse taking drugs but realizes that it is a personal choice and ultimately all attempts to legislate, adjudicate and enforce drug laws have only been abysmal and costly failures. He is a happily married heterosexual man but defends same sex marriage. He does not endorse prostitution but thinks it should be legalized and regulated because he is fully aware that some people DO support it.

He has repeatedly supplied and performed free medical care to the poor regardless of race or creed. For the duration of his political career he has been trying to enlighten the public that Black and Hispanic people are being unfairly and disproportionately targeted for myriad crimes, prosecution and imprisonment and has worked tirelessly to change it. Despite these facts, his detractors have relentlessly and heartlessly used antiquated newsletters written by somebody else that smacked of racism, to discredit and smear him and paint him as a bigot. What this truly is, is a very sad commentary on the times we live in, when a man of such honorable qualities is seen as a threat to the status quo and shunned as anathema. It shows that evil, pettiness and underhandedness are more valued than humanistic values and a strong code of ethics. I will go so far as to say that his detractors are mean-spirited, avaricious and morally bereft people who should be ashamed of themselves.

I support Dr. Ron Paul because he stands for and exhibits all of the qualities I admire in human beings. I support Ron Paul because I have but to look into his eyes when he speaks to see the passion of his convictions. I support Ron Paul because I trust him to lead us in the best direction and do it with our best interests at heart. I support him because I cannot say that about many of my fellow men and even fewer politicians.

Why I support Dr. Ron Paul

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