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The Lady of the Lake / In Memory of Mom

Mom always worried about her kids, of which she had two. One a beautiful, intelligent and caring individual. One…well, not so much.

If we stayed out later than she thought advisable or proper, we’d inevitably walk through the front door to the stock comment; “Oh, you’re finally home. I WAS WORRIED SICK!”

Worried sick. That’s what she always said. It became the source of some humor between my sister and I and still is to this day.

I miss her so.

She was one of our crowd. All our friends called her Mom. Still do. She was cool in her way. A funny, cute little lady, really. She was included in all our parties and gatherings because while she was opinionated, she was rarely judgmental.
She couldn’t hold her liquor, though.

And I do miss her so.

She was The Lady of The Lake. (‘cause that’s where she lived). And that’s where she is now. Her ashes were born there on a miniature flaming viking ship constructed by her granddaughter (In whom I am well pleased). And it was a sad and bitter-sweet day. But we all told stories of her and it was like she was there again for awhile. A little while.

But I do miss her so.

She stopped smoking at the pleading behest of her grandchildren some thirty years ago because she wanted to see them grow. And she did. And she was proud. And rightfully so.

I took her for a ride on my Harley once just because she wanted to be able to say she’d done it. She was so cute in her shorts and flip flops and a helmet two sizes too big. But she rode like a champ Not nervous or clutchy like some riders.

Many were the times in her last years when I would see her standing in the hallway gazing wistfully and wishfully at a picture of my dad, who’d passed years before. She always smiled. through slightly damp eyes though.

And I do miss THEM so.

I’ve never been religious but I’m sure they’re together again. She never took another man because that was the depth of their love. She poured forth her love willingly and freely and never looked for a return on her investment. But she got it in spades.
Mom, you were and are so very very loved by all who knew you and all whom you know.

But Geez…I still miss you so.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

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The Lady of the Lake / In Memory of Mom by 


  • WanderingAuthor
    WanderingAuthorover 6 years ago

    I always have trouble writing pieces like this. The words just ball up inside me, somewhere up in my head where the tears come from, and they won’t come out onto the paper. Not that the words of a stranger mean anything, not on a post like this, but it’s a fine tribute.

  • George Yesthal
    George Yesthalover 6 years ago

    Your words are so appreciated. Yeah, I got a lump in the throat writing it but the memory of Mom always makes me warm inside. Thank you for your kind words.

  • loramae
    loramaeover 6 years ago

    Bless your heart….Thank you for sharing your sweet Moma with us…most touching tribute.

  • You are very welcome and thank you so much.

    – George Yesthal

  • Tony Ryan
    Tony Ryanover 6 years ago

    Beautiful words. I think we should all try to look deeply into our parents to really value them. From here we should try to look as deeply into others who cross our paths.

  • It’s kind of funny how we take the living a little for granted, but in tje commemoration I think we must look with a certain amount of introspection. Thank you for your kind words. I’m sure Mom thanks you too.

    – George Yesthal

  • deliriousgirl
    deliriousgirlover 6 years ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhh jfc!!! Excellent tribute and remembrance, you were and are very very lucky!

  • OwassaLori
    OwassaLoriover 6 years ago

    George, what a lovely Mother’s Day gift…this story about Mom. We were and are so blessed to have her as our Mom. She always saw the best in us and loved us unconditionally. The fact that she was such a character too was a bonus.
    Our home; were the displaced and the under loved and the societies strays came. They came to find a warm and welcome hug; a beaming face that was truly happy to see them. Mom wasn’t just our Mom; though you and I were her only biological children. Her heart was too big for that so it sheltered many.
    Her passing though it seemed so final to us was a long journey home; the return to Dad whom she loved so dearly and spent so many years with out. A true love story!
    Yes we are blessed.
    Thank you George for this gift. I read it with tears streaming. Mom is probably “worried sick!”

    I love you, Lori

  • olderbiker
    olderbikerover 6 years ago

    George, How true. We all did call her Mom. And so In tune with what we were doing. How many others would allow us to rock until the wee hours at our volume? Know better gift can be given. Absolutely Beautiful. Thanks for helping the rest of us remember her. Paul.

  • blusky
    bluskyover 6 years ago

    Hi George. Lori sent me this and I just wanted to tell you how beautiful it was. I have a picture or mom you and lori which lori gave me along time ago on my dresser and often think of her. Always a pleasure to see her at the supermarket. With her warm smile. How lucky you and lori are to have known such love from such a special women.

  • californiajean
    californiajeanover 6 years ago

    Beautiful tribute, I knew both Mom and Dad well

  • Jim Hall
    Jim Hallabout 5 years ago

    Yet another good one, George. JH

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