Soul Shoplifting

I shop, like anyone else. And it always amazes me the way the market doubles as a rendezvous for lonely souls and frustrated marrieds. I never had the inventiveness or initiative or the hope of engaging in the hunt.
Until today.
At the produce section she sidled up sensually, unabashed, born on intoxicatingly subtle waves of jasmine and musk. As I reached for a cantaloupe to test it’s ripeness, and my own nonchalance, I felt her too close. Beguilingly close. Unnaturally close but oh so welcome.
“I came her for you”, she whispered and ran her ring finger ever so lightly across the back of my hand.
“Why?” I stammered, annoyed at my lack of an eloquent reply.
“Because you are the one. If we continue this mundane act of shopping we will be in danger of losing the moment. I want you and I can feel that you want me.”
I do, you’re right. What now?" I asked.
“You drive us to your home and we let nature take it’s course.”
We left our half fulfilled patronage like so much inconsequential baggage and almost ran to the exit. We joined hands like old lovers as we approached my car.
Then I clubbed her and threw her into the trunk.

Currently unavailable for purchase

Danger haunts even the marketplace.


bored, humor, love, market, passion, riony


  • deliriousgirl
    deliriousgirlabout 6 years ago

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH CRAPPPPPPPPP!!!! I am rolling in the floor literally now!!!!!

    I do think I may have briefly dated this guy in the mid 90s!

  • George Yesthal
    George Yesthalabout 6 years ago

    Oh, my God I hope not. LOL. This was my twisted way of pay homage to your talent. Glad it brought some yoks.

  • loramae
    loramaeabout 6 years ago

    LOL….nice to see some humor…that was humor right?… =O)

  • Hmmm. Was it? Thank you.

    – George Yesthal

  • Faith Puleston
    Faith Pulestonabout 6 years ago

    Surely he could have waited till he drove her home??? Nice twist, though!

  • Thanx, Faith.

    – George Yesthal

  • WanderingAuthor
    WanderingAuthorabout 6 years ago

    I figured from the title it was a twisted take on Soul Shopping, and I should have figured out what it meant, more or less – but I never saw it coming. And it is interesting how you leave the reader to wonder: did he kill her? Did he just stun her, and will she spend seven years chained in his basement as a sex slave?

  • I don’t know. Didn’t think it through that far. Iguess you’re a fan of Jen’s too, eh> She rocks. I’m glad you liked this. It was a fun little ditty to write, Thanx.

    – George Yesthal

  • Micky McGuinness
    Micky McGuinnessabout 6 years ago

    Really enjoyable and brutally to the point!

  • Really? What point? Glad you liked it though and thanx.

    – George Yesthal

  • Damian
    Damianabout 6 years ago

    LOL, I thought he was being bought by a demon for his soul until they got to the car!

  • The demon took the succubus
    A lesson for the rest of us
    Thanx. Glad I could conjure that image.

    – George Yesthal

  • greeneyedlady
    greeneyedladyabout 6 years ago

    I’ll bet she thought she was the one with all the power, huh….and probably shocked to find he was more dangerous than she was =) oh well she had all that spare time in the trunk to think about it!!!

  • Empress
    Empressabout 6 years ago

    clubbed her with the cantaloupe for extra flavour?

  • George Yesthal
    George Yesthalabout 6 years ago

    Nope. Blackjack…spirited secretly away in my back pocket; my cardigan pulled discreetly over the protruding grip. My ever-present little darlin’. Heh heh!

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