Pandora's Box

By: George A. Yesthal

I’m considering giving up. I believe that the elitist power juggernaut has gained and generated an energetic momentum all its own and will not be stopped. We have elected the greedy, the opportunistic, the entitled and pernicious to represent us on the strength of their ability to deceive and those people, in official capacity have, fleshed out their forces with their minions by appointment, so what do we expect when they subjugate and enslave us?

I once believed that we could make a difference by spreading awareness and thereby sparking whatever kind of revolution this country needs to get things back on track. I still have a glimmer of hope that the public is waking up and it is evidenced by these latest scandals coming to light and being addressed.

My concern is that the damage is irreparable because the greedy powerful predators have gained the power they need to act with impunity and immunity and thumb their noses at the letter of the laws of the land and Constitution. We have already seen offenses almost too numerous to count, in which constitutional and moral law has been swept aside to make way for the advent of inordinate applications of executive power and privilege, and such a precedent is dangerous in extreme to a democratic republic.

Constant bombardments of the first, second and fourth amendments have paved the way for arrogant career politicians to use the fifth amendment to skate free of retribution for their indiscretions and this is a deadly formula that can only snowball if we let it. And we have been and ARE letting it. Things have gone too far I fear, to address the corruption with long drawn out legal means that the elitists will only use and abuse to their advantage.

In order to properly address the ideals America’s founders intended for the citizenry, we need to round up EVERYONE complicit in these mounting offenses and ‘indefinitely detain’ them. After all the law under the Patriot act and NDAA allows for it under the definition of ‘enemies of the state’. In a democratic republic, WE the people, ARE the state. I abhor violence and avoid it at all cost but I fail to see any option short of storming the castle, that will suffice.

Barring that, I fear the genie is out of the bottle and the bell cannot be un-rung.

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  • Rocky Loder
    Rocky Loderabout 1 year ago

    Corruption,greed,deceit,the thirst for power at any cost,politics….they all go hand in hand….there’s only one thing that will change it and that’s the end of time….its not just America its everywhere…

  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandabout 1 year ago

    As Rocky says, sadly enough it is everywhere and what’s worse is that it has always been there. World domination is the ultimate goal for these boneheads. The right person, in the right position, can get it done. Fortunately there is way too much opposition for anyone today to take charge on that scale. It will be interesting to see if anyone really does make it.

  • JaneRoberts
    JaneRobertsabout 1 year ago

    Your last line summed it all up in a nutshell and the rot is most certainly everywhere. JR

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