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One Nation Under Abadibble

by: George A. Yesthal

Men keep inventing Gods that they have no intention of believing in. The Gods are only to keep their gullible fellow men in line. If they believed in these made up Gods, there would be no need for the word “blasphemy” or “heretic”. The first time a person like Christ came along and cured someone of warts, the believers would have said, “We have a winner. The Messiah has arrived.” But what did they do? They called him a heretic and crucified him. Why? Because they knew that their God was just a made up fantasy to begin with, and all Christ did was threaten their CONTROL.

Nothing has changed. It’s the same today. And the Jews aren’t the only manipulating, posturing zealots in the game. The Muslims, Hindus, Taoists, Buddhists, Shintoists and most of all Christians, all do the same things to varying degrees. They see potential miracles happening around them every day and they trivialize them in an attempt to prove that miracles are the provenance and property of THEIR God exclusively. And naturally, these miracles are something that these deities dole out only on extremely rare occasions and can only be beheld by saint and martyr types and these poor souls have to die and their mummified remains only be brought out on HOLY days, to signify the holy rarity of the miracles. They all expect their devotees to “ooh and ah” and pay tribute in all manner of expression, from monetary to committing offspring as acolytes and zealous expressionisms like walking on hot coals and self-flagellation..

But at the end of the day, it’s all bullshit , oh I’m sorry…beguilement. It’s a carefully orchestrated charade to hold people in awe and the throes of religious fervor that is simply an expression of fear. Fear of retribution, fear of death, fear of ostracization…generally, the fear of living.

Now I am not so arrogant as to claim there is no God. I believe what I believe and frankly it’s a private relationship and none of your concern. I have doubts like any true searcher, but I also have a certain amount of faith. But back to arrogance. I’m certainly not arrogant enough about my beliefs to claim my way must be observed by others because the god I believe in happened to impart in me some holy surety that I am right and thereby, righteous.

But that’s exactly what most religions endeavor to do. Some…most, have, at some time in their history, gone to war to spread the word of their God. Of course this is never truly what it’s about. It’s about filling the sect’s coffers and it’s all done in the name of some deity that will curse you and strike you down for any criticism of its ethics and morality.

So it’s about control. Religion is necessary for us to justify acting in a sinful manner. Religion anoints us with righteousness and the license to kill, steal, pillage rape and so on. And it’s all okay as long as enough wealth finds its way back to the vehicle that makes it permissible to continue such behavior.

I wonder if our forefathers understood the dichotomy they were constructing when they moved here for religious freedom and then, when constructing a constitution to operate by, tried to urge separation of church and state. (snigger)…Never going to happen fellas. The state needs holy permission to misbehave. So, we became a "Cristian Nation. “One nation under God”. And that’s okay because even though I rail about the failures of religion, it is indisputable that religion holds up God as an interlocutor for going too far. There is always that contingent of good-hearted souls that take the moral high ground of religion and hold our feet to the fire when we get too rambunctious.

Well, I see it’s 6:00PM. Time for me to go worship Abadibble.

One Nation Under Abadibble

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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Artwork Comments

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