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Hello there!

Thankyou very much for dropping by!

…Im not much of a writer…soooo
heres some quick dot points C:

Sri Lankan/Australian, but born and brought up in Japan.

Architecture 3rd year majoring in archi+landscape archi

‘Tools of the trade’: finelines, copic markers and watercolours. I like the monochromatic colour blasts to the pastel, colour washed look.

Blog (waffling and more wafflings): painted-bee.blogspot.com

Somewhat typa online Portfolio: yellow-bee.blogspot.com

Contact: yellow_bee92@hotmail.com

I think thats all? I’m not as active as before…but trying to get back into it again. It’s so hard though, so much dedication!



  • Age: 22
  • Joined: February 2009


It Moves!!

http://painted-bee.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/your-eyes.html / Okay, its only a GIF image, and only moves for less than ‘18’ seconds (but more like 5 seconds…), butbutbut, / I made a moving picture :D / Man, I knew animation would be hard…but it really is hard and tedious :/ / Th quality’s little dodge since I used the mouse to create different layers. Im planning to ma…
Posted almost 3 years – 7 comments

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