Been busy !!

Missed you all at Red Bubble – hoping to get back into the swing of things in 2012. Encouraged to return when I received that welcome email of “You’ve been featured” and that’s a buzz that needs acknowledgement for sure. So here I am. Still one more day of trade at work before I can put my feet up (well sort of) …

“Exploring St Paul’s Cathedral …” was featured in Printmakers and Printmaking

11 days ago

Best wishes to all …

Red Bubble Cards are like OH WOW!!

VERY excited. First order of RB cards arrived today and they are stunning.
I’ve put them on page 4 of our framing website

Today Wednesday May 18 met with RB’s FAILINGMEMORY aka Fred at our framing gallery in Northcote – great meeting with Fred and viewing more of his printed work and one of his recent calendars.

Especially interested in the 1957 – 1960 Melbourne series and also learned about the great depth of field Fred is achieving with his photographic club competition entries – we enjoyed having him here at Recherché and hope he enjoyed being here also.