Hancock, United States

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I am an Old Fashioned Naturalist:

In the summer I study a group of Harbor Seals that use a haul out rock not far from where I live. They leave the second week of August like clock-work.

In the winter I work for Allied Whale as a fluke matcher: Individual Humpback whales can be recognized by patterns on the underside of their fluke when they dive. Allied Whale holds an ever expanding catalog of over 6000 individuals whale that inhabit North Atlantic waters.

But always our wild Maine neighbors are a source of fascination and pleasure to watch and photograph.

  • Age: 71
  • Joined: August 2010


Last Harbor seal observation of 2010

No seals today again. They must have a calendar in their heads. Every year for the last 22 they have arrived in my bay in the middle of April and left that mid week in August. / I watched for over an hour feeling their absence…. like the bay was suddenly very empty and quiet. / On the way home I let the wind drift my canoe by the south end of our tiny island. Only at the last minute, I look…
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