Free Online Vector Training

Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you that I am starting a FREE online vector training.

This is an experimental free online vector course aimed at those who plan to learn how to create and sell vector images online. The course will be absolutely free for those who used my referral link while registering as contributors on microstocks.

There is a limited number of people I can teach at the moment, so those who contact me first will have the priority.

The programme is set individually. Depending on your level, the course can either start with the basics of Vector Editing programmes (such as CorelDraw), moving onto more complex drawing tasks, and finally, preparing images for selling on microstocks; or with analysis of what to draw to improve your online business.

The programme is divided into 5-10 sessions depending on the intencity of the course and your individual skills.

Read more how to get enrolled on my blog

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