Newberry Springs, United States

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Hi My names Dan and I’m an artist, mostly digital now days.

During the heat of the day my time is spent drawing on the computer. In the mornings and evenings when it’s cool I’m usually out doing chores around our ranch. My wife and I raise palm trees, alpaca, and catfish on the high desert in California. We just named this place 3W Ranch so we could register the alpaca. The three W’s stand for Wrong Way West that name came from off-roaders that used my driveway for a shortcut, I made a signpost at the gate that reads WRONG WAY and now we’re stuck with it. For business 3W Ranch sounds better.

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If you belong to facebook pass around some peace with your comments or responses :) I keep adding new animated peace signs to my new gift app on facebook :) Pix by Yargnad

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Always thought I had plenty :) find myself running pretty thin latly! My mac has been down for over six weeks now, miss that thing terribly. I’m texting this with my phone cause while my computer’s down thought I’d use my wifes PC to check out Incendia and try my hand at fractals. Now her machine is all tied up tring to render me a pix, it took 13 days on my first attempt befo…
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