Aquí hay guerra

Aquí hay guerra entre los Señores del Destino
y las almas tristes del olvido.
La sangre corre por las calles
a manos llenas y con detalle
junto con lágrimas de cocodrilo.

El frío acecha durante el día
mientras que el sol apenas brilla
sobre la tristeza que agobia a mis hermanos.
Y la bondad que pronto se olvida
nos deja a todos aterrorizados.

¿En dónde queda la esperanza que nos prometieron?
¿A quién socorremos si no entendieron
que lo que anelamos no lo pidieron?
Y ahora que hay guerra ningunos fueron.

No hay trabajo ni hay dinero.
No hay bondad ni justos buenos.
¿Qué les estamos enseñando a nuestros hijos?
¿A ser honestos u a ser bandidos?

No se puede andar de noche
porque hasta la sombra de un extraño se teme.
Nadie es digno de que se confíe
cuando la vida se roba sin reproche.

“Ay Dios Mío!” gritan las madres
al ser sus hijos victimas del odio.
Ya parece ser muy tarde.
Los ángeles han perdido el vuelo.

La guerra llega al frente de mi puerta
y temo que el futuro no estremezca
cada fibra y célula en mi cuerpo
como antes alimentaba mi fuerza.

¿Qué será de nosotros mañana
si la guerra llegara al corazón perdido?
No nos quedará más remedio que volver a una vida pasada
para recordar la importancia
de un amor mayor y su sacrificio.

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Everything seems to be getting worse and worse, doesn’t it? The economy everywhere seems to be crashing.

Here, in Puerto Rico, my home, things are getting from bad to worse since the current governor was elected. Thousands of people were thrown from their jobs in the name of bettering the economy.

Since then the people have gone into an uproar. Many more have taken to the streets to protest… A citizen even threw an egg at the governor … of course, he missed. I don’t think it was his intention to hit him at all. He just wanted to be heard like the rest of us.

There are no jobs available and this leads to many to sort to stealing and/or sinking deeper into their lament. The suicide deaths have all but tripled as well as the homicides. People are going crazy it seems.

I fear for our children… We only seem to be teaching them hate and to give in to anger.

Sometimes I think that people demand change but are not willing to sacrifice. Sometimes I think that people will never be able to move forward. But I certainly wish I am wrong.


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I’m your typical young woman who delves in all things artistic… and conventional. Writing is a hobbie—and a preferred one at that. I love music as much as I love reading. Its like breathing. I don’t like false and pretentious people, I’m not quick to anger and I consider myself a dreamer. That’s me in a nutshell, I guess.

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  • Arco Iris  R
    Arco Iris Ralmost 5 years ago

    My goodness. This is so strong, powerful, emotional and so raw. Al grano. Que hay de nosotros? About three or four weeks ago they broke into my sister’s house. I mean she lives about 18 feet away. My father lives about another 18 feet away the other direction and they never got to break in here because it is too far away from the road for them to get away. This is a finca on a hill. The police think that they went around my house to get to her house and back around again to get away. They broke her window, I didn’t hear a thing and my father didn’t hear a thing. They probably even looked inside my window to see if there were people in. My small tiny dogs didn’t bark. The street dogs that have come didn’t bark. Yet, they had to make a big racket. I went to get myself a German Shepherd and she and my father alarm systems. I can’t afford that. They were ransacking the whole neighborhood. They finally got two of them and another lone one.And I don’t put on the news that much any more. This is terrible,  Loved itUn gobierno vaotro que vienetodos llenos de promesasque en realidad cumplirlas no pueden.Un gobierno prometeque va a mejorar
    lo que el anterior destruyópero esto va a empeorarpues la economia asi lo decidióPero por esto no perdamos la fepues Dios nos prometio una soluciones solo bajo su reino aqui en la tierraque se arreglara esta situacion.Mas bien, sea Dios hallado veraz, aunque todo hombre mentiroso  Romanos 3:4

    I know it is hard, but this is the hope and faith that I have in these troubled times. Great job

  • Arco Iris  R
    Arco Iris Ralmost 5 years ago

    I’m sorry that the format of the poem was distorted in the comment. Will try again.

    Un gobierno va, otro que viene
    todos llenos de promesas
    que en realidad cumplirlas no pueden.

    Un gobierno promete
    que va a mejorar
    lo que el anterior destruyó
    pero esto va a empeorar
    pues la economia
    asi lo decidio

    Pero por esto no perdamos la fe
    pues Dios nos prometió una solucion
    es solo bajo su reino aqui en la tierra
    que se arreglara esta situacion.

  • Oh my god, Happy! I’m so sorry that happened to your sister! I hope everything is ok and that they catch those thieves. YES! That poem is just RIGHT!

    We can’t lose our faith no matter how grim everything becomes. In the end, faith will be the only thing they won’t be able to take from all of us.

    Thanks and, again, I hope everything turns out alright on your end.

    Dios te bendiga y te cuide.

    – YakusokuNono

  • Isa Rodriguez
    Isa Rodriguezalmost 5 years ago

    so well said

    this one made me cry.. and I apologize for not commenting more

    an amazing write up .. it is always hard to make work of art of social distress. which you have portraid here.. tremenodo trabajo .. bellmente dicho .. bravo.

  • Thank you very much. And don’t worry, you’re comment is excellent just as it is.

    This is one of my greatest concerns as you can tell. I’m just hoping for a better tomorrow. But don’t we all?

    – YakusokuNono

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