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Miles and miles after

After rummaging through my things, organizing and cleaning, I stumbled upon an envelope with lots of doodles and written words on it. Nothing special. I always doodle on any surface while thinking of the next thing.

But, once I turned the envelope around, I found a letter written by me, long long ago, I imagined. It was so sad, my heart dropped from the chasm it beats in. I thought to myself then “How could I’ve let myself go?”

I was so surprised, I embraced myself and said I love you. This will never happen again.

This is what the letter said:

To whom it may concern:

I have lived all my life within a shell
guarding myself from the outside world
And chasing off anyone to tell
the sad story untold
This is the end
I stand at the ledge of my sanity
bidding farewell to this monotone trend
I’m looking down at the unsuspected
Soon, I will be amongst them
and then, my family will finally see me unprotected.
As I fall, I write this note
the wind will carry until it burns.

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